Issue # 1 by Metsfan21,Abram, and Hyper Star

Welcome to the first isssue of the New and Improved Newspaper

Featured Commenter


Metsfan21 on Graham: Graham is probably our most helpful commenter we have as of now. he found us when he searched Poptropica on WordPress. His blogs are and Congrats for being the first Featured Commenter on The PIB,Graham!

Counterfeit isn’t Fake!

As mr.Bard said on January 4th,Counnterfeit Island is Out! Beware of the Black Widow,on this mysterious Island where you get to be a Hero!

by Metsfan21


That’s right Poptropica will have memberships soon. These memberships give you the privileges of early island access, access to all the costumes and items in the Poptropica Store. Here are the prices over a time period:


3 months-$7.99

6 months-$12.99

We Need You!

The PIB needs you to send us comics,graphics and more. Who knows? Maybe you’ll become an editor for PopNews!

Hall of Poptropicans

By Abram

Welcome to the segment where we randomly pick a Poptropican from the Avatar Studio and if their costume is cool enough they will be inducted in the Hall of Poptropicans. So after several tough decisions I have picked that the first ever Poptropican to be inducted into The Hall Of Poptropicans is! drumroll please?  *Silence* Hello, I said drumroll please. *Silence* I SAID DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!!!!! *even more silence* Oh come on! * Walks off stage to stagehand area. Pushes drummer out of the way and does drum roll himself* Da-da-dada or whatever sound drum rolls make. And the winner is! Yellow Owl! To view her account type in username: codien in the Avatar Studio. Well it’s sorta hard to describe it. It just looks cool. It really stands out and looks cool. Well congratulations Yellow Owl you have been the first Poptropican inducted into The Hall of Poptropicans!

New To Da Store

by Abram

Several new items have been added to the Poptropica Store over the past couple months. Such as these great items:


These costumes date back to Halloween. But since this is the first issue of PopNews and if you click newest in The Poptropica Store these show up I thought it would be worth mentioning them. From left to right we have Frankenstein, his bride and Pumpkin Head. You know you’ve got it made when your name is Pumpkin Head am I right?

Then even more Halloween related stuff. Here we have the Werewolf girl/boy, Swamp Monster, and (insert name here please Mets or Trusty).

Here we have the Tiger Shark costume for boys and the Swan Ballerina for girls. I think the Tiger Shark would be cool but I haven’t bought it yet.

Here we have a combination costume/cool stuff. The costume Snowman and cool stuff Snow Fall which make snow fall from where you are standing.

The final costume is another winter related costume just like the one’s above. The Crazy Candy Cane is just like walking around in a giant candy cane that you can’t eat

Cool Stuff:


 The mini-quest Haunted House was released in The Poptropica Store for free! It became the first ever free item in the store. There is no reason why you wouldn’t buy this item. I mean it’s free so you don’t lose any money. Plus you would have great access to several awesome Halloween costumes. I definitely got it.

Another free item, only the second in Potropica history. Again why not get this. It’s free! It also has a special action, that when you hit the spacebar your Poptropican tosses it into the air.

Then the Meteor Shower. The newest item to the store. It’s sorta like the Snow Fall item. When you press spacebar, a meteor show falls around your area.

Another combo. Here we have the costume: American Football Player and Cool Stuff item: Avatar Studio Card. The football player comes in 4 colors: green, red,blue, and purple. It came out in honor of the upcoming Super Bowl(go Colts!) While the Cool Stuff item, Avatar Studio which allows you to capture your current costume and show it off to friends. This is also the 3rd free item in the store. Lets see what other items come to the Poptropica Store in the future. Anyone got any suggestion?

Question of the Day

guess what, it’s by Abram

In the run for trivia champion, Graham leads with 4 points. Congrtaz Graham! Also the Question of the Day will be moved to it own page, so tune in daily and see if you can answer the Question of the Day!!

Sports- The Poptropica Bowl

Last night the Early Poptropica Pilgrims met the Astro-Knight Knights in the biggest game in football, The Poptropica Bowl. The Pilgrims took an early lead after a long 55-yard passing touchdown, 7-0. Then late in the 2nd quarter, the Knights scored after intercepting the ball and returning it 14-yards for a touchdown to tie the game for halftime. The 3rd quarter was interrupted when a young boy with a balloon came falling out of the sky. It wasn’t until the 4th quarter that the real scoring began. The Pilgrims scored on a 4-yard rushing touchdown and then again an 87-yard kick returning touchdown, taking the lead 21-7. With 2 minutes left in the game the Knights marched down the field scoring on a 18-yard passing touchdown, the after an onside kick with 6 seconds left, the Knights quarterback hurled the ball downfield to be caught at the 20 yard line by the wide receiver who ran it in for the TD tying the game 21-21. So the game went into over time where the Knights made a comeback kicking a field goal, winning the game 24-21.

A Day In The Life Of A Poptropican

Hi there! I’m Quick “Jack” Onion. I’m here to tell you about what happens daily in the life of a 12-year old Poptropican. You know the regular saving the world, traveling into space, being a spy, meeting weird guys whose hobbies are dressing up in a fluffy pink bunny suit and stealing carrots, being framed as an art thief, gaining super powers, and fighting humongous sharks. Well here’s my day:

6:30- Wake up go downstairs, get yelled at by my mom about getting dressed. Get my ninja outfit. Get yelled at to take that off. I argue back that it’s Ninja Day at school. Mom doesn’t belive me. Sadly go back up stairs and get dressed in my peace shirt and jeans.

7:30- Eat breakfast, Poptropica O’s.  Brush teeth, the wait outside for the school blimp, which take us to my school, Poptropica Middle School on School Island(School Island is where all the Poptropica kids go to, to go to school)

8:00- Arrive at school, only kid not wearing ninja outfit(told ya mom) Go to first period, Science. Learn about space, bring up from experience the mechanical sharks. No one believes me, get an F. Ugg just like when I mentioned asteroid giving you super powers.

9:00- 2nd period, P.E. Practice rope climbing for future use when we get our flying licenses and our own blimp. Mention that why climb ropes when you can fly, start using super powers I got from Super Power Island. Get an F for cheating.

10:00- 3rd period, Math. Not sure what happened, fell asleep. Get F.

11:00- 4th period, Reading. Bring up an old African folk take story I had heard on Nabooti Isalnd, Get an F for talking during a test, dosen’t matter would have gotten one anyway

12:00-Lunch, somehow manage to get an F in eating

1:00– 5th period, Art Only class have an A in. Manage to recreate the Scream in my painting because of all the time I spent around it.

2:00- 6th period, Social Studies. Get a B on a geography test about  the Poptropica islands, manily from all my experience.

3:00- Go home, show report card, get grounded for bad grades, somehow manage to get an F at sitting there quietly, oh well better luck next time

Well that’s it from the 1st issue of PopNews! This is goodbye from, Metsfan21, Abram, and Hyper Star, Bye!


5 Responses to “PopNews!: Issue #1”

  1. Graham Says:

    I liked the “A Day In The Life Of A Poptropican.” That was funny!

    1. Metsfan21 Says:

      Abram did that! 😀

      1. Abram Says:

        Graham if you liked that check out my blog

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