Issue #2 by Metsfan21, Abram, Hyper Star, Happy Storm and DJDOG

Welcome to the second issue of The Poptropican Info Blog’s newsletter!

Featured Commenter

Happy Fang

Metsfan21 on Happy Fang: To be honest, I thought he was gonna be a spammer. I looked at his name and had second thoughts. I wish I could take the spam emotions back. This dude is amazing! He’s good at Poptropica, designs the best costumes, and contributes to the Blog in many ways. You rock Happy Fang!

Reality TV Island

RTV Island came out and seemed to be a bit of a disappointment. The island allowed for you to become a Reality TV superstar, coming with several opponets and 15 different games.

Mythology Island

The long awaited Mythology Island finally came out and turned out to be one of the most challenging islands yet.

Skulldoggery Island

The next island to come out is this pirate themed island which is expected to be an epic island and the most difficult.

Skullduggery Island Coming Soon!

New To Da Store

by Abram

This Cool Stuff Item turns cost 250 credits. When you buy it, it turns anyone you touch into solid gold. I’m rich!

This time it’s a Valentines Day related combo pack, with a costume and cool stuff item. The costume, Big Hearted comes in 3 different colors- pink, puple, and orange and makes you looks like a big heart. The Item, Love Potion makes hearts follow you around.

These 2 costumes are a Boy magician and Girl magician, with the boy having a rabbit come out of his hat and the girl flowers.

This mini quest, Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab cost 25o credits and was rather dissapointing to many players. Though when you win you get a cool robotic rabbit costume.

Next was the 2nd series of the rock star costumes. A guy Rockstar 2 coming in orange, purple, green, white, and black and the girl pink, purple, green, white or black. These rock stars aren’t as cool as the previous one in my opinion.

In honor of Albert Einstien’s birthday, The creators created an Eienstien costume which came with a free book about Albert by the Creator’s very own Jess Brailer

This item they released in honor of the soon release of Mythology Island. This Cool Stuuf Item shoots lightening bolts when you press spacebar.

This costume was released for April Fool’s Day, hence the seltzer bottle. When you hit the spacebar it squirts the seltzer bottle and spins the bow tie.

Then they released 4 awesome costumes. From left to right we have the Earth Knight for Boys(my personal favorite) which has a helmet that opens and closes and leaves a trail of leaves. Next is the Heart Knight for girls which also has a helmet that opens and closes and leaves a trail of hearts. Next is the Black Dark Knight for Boys and the Purple Dark Knight for Girls.

Next was the Free Mini Quest, Energy Hogs which came out for Earth Day. In it you have to turn off the appliances so you can save the world.

Next was 2 member only items concerning Skulldoggery Island. The first was a cool stuff trailer of the island and the second a costume, the Skulldoggery Pirate which came in 4 colors, red, green, blue and brown.

Next was the Free Item, Classis Flavor Popgum which makes bubbles when you chew.

Then they came out with the similar item, Cinnamon Fire Flavor Popgum, which makes explosive bubbles and costs 250 credits.

And finally, the Creators updated Flower Power so that you can have this costume, in celebration of the coming of Spring.

Well that’s it from this segment. Tell me what you think we will see next in the Store.

The Poptropicans Come to Earth!

By Daedalus
One time on Poptropica Planet, the ruler, wanted to control Americans and rule the world! So, the ruler went to Astro Knights and went into space to make a rocket. Then, he left the pewter moon to get the The Milky Way Galaxy. He found earth and came to it. He found a boy and smiled. The kid looked and saw a strange, looks animated, person right about to leap to his head. The kid screamed but the poptropica ruler managed to get the kid. He now had control of the kid. He called someone from the Poptropica Planet and asked for them to come to earth right away! The next thing the Humans know is tiny, vitural rockets coming down and trying to aim on people,kids,teenagers even babys! Then a poptropican came with a microphone, the poptropican said, “Humans! Destroy the Ruler! The Mighty Ruler! You think your in a dream, but its not! You NEED to try and kill the ruler. Don’t attack my friends, only the rul – OW! The poptropican turned back and saw – A CLUB PENGUIN!!! Two universe attacks on the same day? This is crazy! OW! OW! OW! OW! Screamed all the poptropicans. The Humans tried to tackle the ruler, but he went in his ship and went away. The Penguins just left and said they were only looking the Hippie Harry, because he got in trouble in college. Now poptropicans live on earth. They hide, but they’re there… so before you call the police or something, check everywhere in the place you so the mess, because there might just be a Poptropican in your house…

Ned Noodlehead’s Time Traveling Adventure.

By Giant Hawk

“My head hurts” Ned said, holding his head with sweaty palms. “I told you not to do the cha-cha at the party last night, and here we are, and did I ever tell you…*nags*” said his mother. “That’s it, I’m going somewhere far away, somewhere adventerous! Ned said. “Be home before dinner honey” “Aww mom!” Ned was off. He kicked a can, but it hurt him so he jumped up and down, holding his foot. “YOWWWW!” he screamed, like a banshee.
“Hey, Ned, you made a new dance move, sweet!” said the neighborhood show offs. They copied exactly what Ned did, screaming “YOWWWW!” After that, They said, “Ned, you on FIRE!” “Really, thanks!” “No, literally.” “Wait…what?!?” He stopped, dropped and rolled. “I was just joking man!” They walked away. One of they’re watch necklace had fallen off them while they were dancing. “Wait…you forgot your…” They were out of sight. “Oh, look, it’s not even on the right time! I’ll just fix it and…” He turned it to a random code, in which he figured the numbers 1-50 meant,( a code language) and a portal threw him to the exact place the code meant! “This clock goes up to 50!” he said. “And…It teleports you to another dimension! Well, I guess it only takes you back in time, but that would be cool.” “Hey, who are you talking to?” “Uh…” “And where’d you get that!” The bypasser was a scrawny boy, in chains. Ned looked around, he was in a strange island, unlike his own. “I…made it.” “Are you a item maker?” “I geuss you could say that”. Ned remembered item makers were people who made accesiories is the old old old old days.
The boy walked away. Ned tried twisting the code back to his normal island, but every time he did, he ended up in a different place. Ned went to the future, past, and even present, without even knowing where he was! Finally, he stopped in a futuristic place.
Cars hovered above his face, with people on gravity skateboards. “Finally…some thing normal…” Or make that ZERO -gravity sateboards. After searching for an area to rest, he ran into an old man. “Hello youngster.” “Hi..” “NOW GET OFF MY LAWN!!!” Ned walked away. He suddenly realized the warmth, the liter, and all the pollution. “Global warming” He whispered. “Kid…come back here.” “What” Ned said impatiently to the old man. You…you’re me.” “WHAT?!?” “I recognize that face anywhere…me. You picked up the watch, and now your stuck here.” “You mean I never find a way off this island?” “Sadly…no. But the good news is, they have cheese cookie milkshakes! I don’t need teeth for those!”
“Ned…old Ned…we’re going to find a way out, and to find a way to stop this horrible future.” “What!??! You think cheese is horrible?!?” “NO!” “Respect your elders! Hmph.” “Look around you! All this pollution, and this liter, we can stop the literbugs and save our world!” After several minutes…they thought of a plan. The two winded the watch until they were in the past. There, they tried convincing scientists to take action. But…none believed. Ned didn’t care about going home now…he was detirmened. After thousands of trips to scientists, he decided if scientists couldn’t help…poptropicans could.
He told Poptropicans to stop ruining our Earth, or else the smoke would get stuck in the air, and it would be hot. He told them everything. It worked. He now had to go home to see if they did take action…to the present. He finally found the island after days of searching, and returned to the present. His home. Nothing seemed to have changed. Yet. He was sure it would…someday. “Your a minute late for dinner!” “What!?!?” Ned realized that he went to the past, and transported to a random time zone back to his house. “Sorry” he said, smiling.

An Alien Adventure

By Happy Fang

You arrive at a mysterious island… You find old alien technology on a beach.You take it.Then you explore the HUGE island extensively… You go through old temples,ruins,forests(some strangely mechanical…)You find a mechanical snake in a jungle.You chase it.It leads U to a strange mayan temple.Then you finally catch it.Hmmm… maybe you can use this later… You enter the temple.You go through traps and avoid mechanical bats and night monkeys… At the end,you see a giant dragon.You battle it.You defeat it by getting it to hurt itself… Then you see it was guarding a golden crystal… You take it… Then you see a light.A bunch of yoda looking creatures teleport to you… They offer you a quest.and they say in return they’ll direct you home.You accept.They say that in this quest you will discover the sectets of the galaxy and poptropica… onder what happens next… to be continued

The Athens High Hooligan

By Hyper Star

“Staaar! Stooorm! Wake up!” called Hyper Sky, Hyper Star and Happy Storm’s mom. Their summer had lasted too quickly. The HSs clambered out of their bunkbeds, Star from the top, Storm from the bottom.

“Let’s see what my Costume Collector has today…” Star said to herself. She opened her Costume Collector to find:RTV Rockstar, French Popstar and... Some other cute outfit. :P

“Ooh, that third one is cute!” Storm said. Storm, on the other hand, grabbed her usual yellow tanktop with jeans. They raced each other down the stairs– as their daily schedule says to– and slid into the kitchen. Zeus Flakes lay open on the table for the girls to gobble down on their first day of school at the new Athens Junior High in Mythology Island.

There’s a new item in the store,” their mom informed them, “called something like ‘Astro-Knight…'”

“Cool! Now Abram can REALLY be a Knight of the Round Table for King Arthur of Astro-Knights Island…” teased Storm with a mouth half-filled with half-chewed Zeus Flakes.

“…And you could be the damsel in distress for him to save. After all, he DOES have a crush on you, and you know it.*” Star interrupted. Storm blushed the color of the hearts in the Zeus Flakes, which stood for Aphrodite.

” He– THE BUS!!” Storm burst out. The bright yellow school bus that brings them to Athens Junior High had arrived. They grabbed their bags and rushed out to the bus to join Coskit, Metsfan21, and Abram in the back. Storm blushed at seeing Abram after the conversation earlier in the house. She slid next to Coskit.

“Wazzup, gals?” said Mets.

“The sky.” teased Star. This was one of her favorite comebacks to this greeting.

“Very right, indeed. But EEEEEEH.” Abram teased back, making an ‘incorrect buzzer sound.’ He looked at Coskit and Storm with a twinkle of laughter in his eyes. The bus halted to a stop. The passengers filed out to overflow onto the freshly mowed grass.

“Welcome,” the bus driver began, “to Athens Junior High!” Everyone cheered in excitement, nervousment and sarcasm. Star turned around to gaze dreamily at the school she expected to see. She had waited so long for this! Maybe they’ll have lockers and meet Athena and–

“Oh my-” she began. The rest of the crowd turned around. Athens Junior High was graffitied.

Athena is a smart-aleck!!!

To be continued…

*Please know he really doesn’t. 😛

*Mets wouldn’t talk like that, and Happy Storm is a friend of Abram. This asterisk edit is made by metsfan21 😛

The Video Reel of the Month is Brought to You By DJDOG of The PIB, who creates the videos. So whats the video reel of the month?

Be Sure to Visit the PIB YouTube Channel for More videos and walkthroughs, which can be found here.

And also we want your opinion! Tell us in the comments below what you want to see in the next issue of PopNews!

Be Sure to look out for SkullDuggery Island, coming soon to a Poptropica Island near members xP

That wraps up this PopNews! Signing Off, Metsfan21, Abram, Hyper Star, Happy Storm and DJDOG


12 Responses to “PopNews!: Issue # 2”

  1. loudshark Says:


    1. Abram Says:

      read over it again. i added some new stuff.

  2. Happy Fang Says:

    Oh yay,Mets thought poorly of me at first… Most people do… and there is a saying called “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

    1. Abram Says:

      yes but now we value your comments and contributations thanks for everything, man

  3. Abram Says:

    Good story, Giant hawk. i liked the message about how we should save our earth. Deadulus, I looked in my attic and found Shark Boy! Happy Fang, that sounds like an intresting place! And Hyper Star, Great story! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  4. Graham Says:


    1. Happy Fang Says:

      Why have you been so busy,Graham…

  5. Happy Storm Says:

    :O I can’t believe anyone would call an HS that! ALSO, Hyper Sky- “DON’T CALL ME BY MY REAL NAME!! IT’S MOM TO YOU!! D:<" Ok, ok, ok… MOM. My MOM rushed me to school and I forgot my lunch. D: Whoops. 😦 I guess I'll go around begging for lunch money again. 😀

    By the way, NICE issue! I loved the stories, the video, and congratz to Happy Fang! We appreciate your contribution to the PIB! Glad you can help. 🙂

  6. Graham Says:

    Can I e-mail you a Poptropica story?

    1. setew2 Says:

      I am new as admin here, so I’m not sure how the PopNews works quite yet. I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m sure. 🙂

    2. Abram Says:

      yes Graham you can.

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