Welcome to the Monthly Multiverse Page! This is a page where we write about past Monthly Multiverse Parties as well as future ones. We’ll still announce the codes on the home page,but we’ll announce them here first. Also, some Monthly Multiverses have special ocassions.

Our first Monthly Multiverse was a huge success! A lot of people attended. Heres the info:

Place: Crystal Caverns
Day: September 1st(originaly scheduled on August 31st)
Guests: Golden Dragon(me),Quick Onion(Abram),Magic Joker,Popular Thunder,Noisy Hopper,Cuddly Sun,Brave Runner,Nice Singer and Trusty Hammer.
Ocassion: Metsfan21’s Birthday

This is the info for the 1000 hits party:

Place: Enchanted Forest

Day: September 12th

Guests:  Me (Golden Dragon),Popular Thunder,Brave Runner,Shiny Cheetah,Perfect Wolf,Moody Chicken,Tough Cloud,Shifty Gamer,Icy Bubbles,Quick Onion (Abram),Grumpy Leopard, Popular Kid,Tiny Dragon and Strange Eye.

Ocassion: 1000 hits

Heres some info on the next Monthly Multiverse Party:
Place: TBA (Speedy Fly’s Pick)
Day: September 25th at 7:30 PM
Guests: TBA (All are welcome)
Ocassion: Speedy Fly’s Birthday

All Times are Eastern Standard Time


14 Responses to “Monthly Multiverse”

  1. Big Joker Says:

    My Birthday is on September 13.

  2. Big Joker\ Says:

    I am a twin.

    1. metsfan21 Says:

      Goodbye Speedy Fly. Its been a pleasure working with you here.

  3. Abram Says:

    My B-Day’s tommarow

  4. Giant Hawk Says:

    when will you update this?

  5. Giant Hawk Says:

    If you want (Mets and staff) and can make a multiverse now.

    1. Giant Hawk Says:

      I’m posting an awesome multiverse in about 2 minutes! 😀 Hope you guys can make it (The codes on my blog). Also, Expect to see me at your multiverse party 5/4/10. ;D I can’t wait for the awesome party!

      1. Giant Hawk Says:

        Darn! The multiverse is closed.

  6. loudshark Says:

    DKQ86 is the monthly mltiverse

    1. Metsfan21 Says:


  7. loudshark Says:


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