Congratz, you’ve found the games page. A lot of this page is under construction.

The Hamster Game

How to play: You’ll have fun all day long with this virtual pet Hamster. It drinks its own water. You just have to click on any part of the screen to feed it a pellet. Click on the wheel to make it run. Have fun. Made By:

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How to play:This game is a small take of the classic game from the show,The Price is Right You start off with 5 chips. Click and drag the chip to where you want to drop it. Try to get it to land in the 50. Sumbit a comment with your High Score,and you could make the leaderboard. Made by:

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Plinko Leaderboard
Rank Name Score

1.Big Joker
2. Popular Thunder 175
3. Abram 130
4. Abram 125
5. Popular Thunder 125
6. Abram 120
7. Metsfan21 110


How to play: You’ll never get tired of playing with these fish. Just click on the screen to feed them. Thats pretty much all the care they need. Made By:

[clearspring_widget title=”Fish” wid=”48cfe5b37f644537″ pid=”4aa6650df5192e11″ width=”296″ height=”196″ domain=””]


How to Play: These turtles will be your favorite animal after you play this game. Just click on the screen to feed them. The rest they can do themselves. Made By:

[clearspring_widget title=”Turtles” wid=”48cdb582f68609a3″ pid=”4aa668cd5cc01af3″ width=”296″ height=”196″ domain=””]


Bing! is the game show hosted by me, Abram. The game takes place on the PHF Chat. You answer trivia question by saying Bing first, the after I call on you, you say the correct answer for a point.  The first person to get to 5 point wins. So far these people have won BING!

1st- Codien and Hyperstarr



Make sure to check out the PHF Chat to see if you can be the next winner of BING!


29 Responses to “Games”

  1. metsfan21 Says:

    For plinko,post a comment with your high score and you could make the leaderboard.

  2. Abram Says:

    Abram Plinko score 120

    Metsfan21: I gotta beat that score now…..

  3. Popular Thunder Says:

    I scored 175!

    1. metsfan21 Says:

      Thanks a lot…….now thats another high score I have to beat. LOL

  4. Popular Thunder Says:

    I got 125!

  5. Popular Thunder Says:

    Um…. Can you post my 125 record.

    1. metsfan21 Says:

      I’ll update it every other day. It should be on tommorow. Sorry I haven’t posted it yet. I’m pressed for time now that I have school.

      1. metsfan21 Says:

        I added it.

  6. Abram Says:

    Tied u Popular thunder. score 125

      1. metsfan21 Says:

        I’ll add it

  7. Big Joker Says:

    I got 200 for Plinko!*jumps up and down*

    1. metsfan21 Says:

      Thats the new high score.

  8. maroonfire23 Says:

    185 for Plinko!!!!!!!

  9. Fast Runner Says:

    Fast Runner – Plinko score – 115

  10. Golden Raptor Says:

    Plinko Score: 175

    1. Golden Raptor Says:

      New Plinko Score: 250

  11. Detective Sneakyc/Scaryw Says:

    I got 110 just like metsfan21.

  12. Graham Says:

    Could I make a game page kinda like this (it’ll have some diffrent games)one on one of my blogs?

    1. metsfan21 Says:

      You know,u don’t need to ask us. Of course u can.

      1. Graham Says:

        Thanks! I didn’t know if I should ask you, but scince this page gave me the idea, I decided I probobly should.

  13. Silly Octupus Says:

    I got 115!

  14. Giant Hawk Says:

    I got 180! On another blog…but it was the same game…does that count?

    1. Metsfan21 Says:

      Yes..yesh it does..

  15. Angry Wing Says:

    Plinko score: 160!!!

  16. Dangergirl Says:

    Ultimate Plinko High Score: 150! 😆
    Worst: 0 😀

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