Ever make graphix that you had no use for? Just draw something out of boredom? Well,you can have a use for it now! Just e-mail us at poptropicaninfoblog@gmail.com with your creation,wordpress name,and title of your creation. These DO NOT have to be Poptropica Related. If you want,we can post the URL of your site. This is optional. Here is an exmple of what it will look like:

Metsfan21 Glittered by Metsfan21

Site: The PIB  

Note: This is copied from the Poptropica Madness Blog with proper permission.

Swirl by Metsfan21

Site: The PIB  

Tip: I made this using GIMP 2,which I highly reccomend.


One Response to “Fan Art”

  1. Abram Says:

    Dude I’m just finding all these pages today

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