Creator Info

Here we have info on the Poptropica Creators. Now, we don’y have much; we’re not stalkers 😀

Comic Kid


Real Name: Jeff Kinney

Poptropica Username: Unknown,possibly NedNoodleHead

Contact: Unknown

Shark Boy


Real Name: Nate Greenwall

Poptropica Username: sharkboycreator

Contact:  Visit to contact him!

Fact Monster

Name: Jess Brailer

Username: fmonster (a glitch changed his poptropica name)

Contact: Use Funbrain or Fact Monster (Website) to contact him.

Hazmat Hermit

Real Name: Justin Lacy

Username: justinlacy

Contact: Unknown


6 Responses to “Creator Info”

  1. Goldenbutterfly Says:

    Wow. Great job!

  2. awesome does he even Respond?

  3. Happy Fang Says:

    I have some info.(the binary bard,real name:unknown,username:binarybard)(Dr.Hare,real name:jordan leary,username:jordanleary,contact:his website)

  4. Angry Wing Says:

    By the way, Fact Monster is not a Poptropica Creator, just a character with cheats

    1. Fact Monster is a real creator, and I believe his items weren’t hack-able at the time. Jess Brailer owns the Fact Monster Site, so logically, its him 😀

  5. garrett Says:

    for black widow username is blackwidowcreator and captain crawfish is captaincrawfishcreator

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