These glitches were found by Incredible Fish and Popular Thunder. If you have any cheats, comment below or e-mail us at

Color Glitches

These cheats allow you to change the color of your skin, hair or entire poptropican.
Control+Shift+S changes your skin color. It will be random, so if you’re looking for a certain color, keep looking!
Control+Shift+H changes your hair color. Like the skin color cheat, it is random, so keep looking for the color. If it does open you computer’s history, click on Poptropica once and then click H. It should then work.
Control+Shift+R will completely randomize your character. You can get either the cell phone, tennis racket, basketball or football. Keep in mind thta this changes your WHOLE OUTFIT.

Emote Cheats

These cheats let you do emotes. Most of them are from multiplayer/mulitiverse room.
Control+Shift+1 will let you do the laughing emote, like when you complete an Island.
Control+Shift+2 lets you do the crying emote, like the ones in multiplayer/multiverse rooms.
Control+Shift+3 allows you to use the angry emote. If you do it before the jumping and laughing emote, you’ll be jumping and laughing with an angry face!
Control+Shift+4 allows you to jump and laugh. This one is one of my favorites.

Header-83.png picture by PoptropicaInfoBlog

Cell Phone Code Cheats

These are cheats used with the cell phone you get from Nabooti. You MUST have it to use it.
If you type in 1225, you’ll get a Santa outfit! No beard, sorry.
If you type in 911, you’ll get a Policeman’s outfit.
When you type in 1337, you’ll get Comic Kid’s outfit.
When you type in 411, you’ll get the uncostumizable Brain Hat!

Mini Cheats

Standing in mid-air When you’re climbing up the blimp, do any of the emote cheats and you’ll be standing in mid-air.(Credit to Gazek)
Item SWF Links
Item SWF links are very big. So far, the Item SWF Links go up to 3000+. There are some from Old or Upcoming Ads, Ones from Old or Upcoming Islands! Maybe there’ll be one for Haunted House(Credit to the PHB)
Black Juice and Glow Stix!
This cheat lets you hold Black Juice and a Glow Stick! On 24 Carrot, go change your hair color via the diner, then drink any color juice and use Control+Shift+S. Refresh the page and re-login and you should have the Black Juice!
Black Juice!
On Early Poptropica, do the same thing,but with the jetpack and go into the sewer! You should have the Glow Stick now!

Please contact us if you have any cheats you’d like to share.


3 Responses to “Cheats and Glitches”

  1. Giant Hawk Says:

    You could do standing on the helicopter on RTV.

  2. Emma aka Moody Eagle Says:

    i tried the 411 nabooti phone cheat, but it didn’t work.

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