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UPDATE: I’d like to announce that we now have a Homepage! The URL is It has a section like Facebook,where people can comment all they want. Don’t worry,its moderated. Also,Yahoo has made it possible to give donations to Haiti. For further info on helping out this cause,go to

Hi guys, it’s Abram! There are two new PCB posts, A Question of the Day, and our Salute to Haiti. First of all a post titled Knock, knock by Dr. Hare . It goes like this

Who’s there?
Watson who?
Watson TV today?

avatar image Dr. Hare

This seems to be an update of RTV Island. From previous updates it shows the same hotel from earlier posts. Plus if you’re still not sure about it, the post mentions TV which the earlier post said there is a lot of in RTV Island.

Also the newer post titled Counterfeit Island Wallpaper by Shark Boy. It goes

If you’re a fan of Counterfeit Island, you’ll enjoy this new Poptropica wallpaper!

avatar image Shark Boy

As you can see this is a wallpaper of Counterfeit Island. It features the Black Widow and says Kickin It with the Black Widow Pretty cool looking. Though I think it might give me nightmares with her staring at me with that creepy look.  🙂

And also White Star/Dynaboa has left the PIB. So bye White Star

Now for the Question of the Day! Today’s question is: What is the capital of the country, Chad? Good luck!



And now finally, our salute to the country of Haiti. On the afternoon of January 12, 2010 a massive earthquake hit the country of Haiti. The epicenter of the earthquake was right of the shore of Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince. There was widespread damage resulting with a majority of buildings falling and several people injured or sadly dead 😦 We here at the PIB send out our condolences to all the people of Haiti. We hope and pray that you will get better and live to tell your tale. Good luck to Haiti. This terrible disaster points out how lucky we have it were we live, such as here in the US. Hope you recover Haiti

-signing off, Abram


Metsfan21: We will be down for the next couple of days,until New Year’s Eve and Day. However,we will be down January 2nd and maybe the third. We apologize for any inconvience,but we’ll come back with more pages and a new member possibly. We’ll also be tying up some loose ends here. We are now under maintenence. Things will start dissapearing here,or appearing. We also have a New Domain Name. It’ll be in use once the maintenence is done as well. For now,we are willing to sponser Blogs. We will add them to our Blogroll,and mention them in posts. In return,you should do the same for us. Submit some Blogs below,and we’ll comment there notifying you we have sponsored you.

Hi Abram here again with another Question of the Day! Graham answered the last question correctly saying that the creator of this blog is Metsfan21. Congratz Graham! You earn 1 point. Also I’ve added another rule, You cannot answer 4 questions straight in a row. So in the max you can answer 3 questions then wait a question for someone to answer then you may answer again. So in other words Graham you may answer this question but then wait for someone else to answer the next question, then may start answering again. Okay as for the question, again it is in the category Blog History “Who was the first person to be hired to work on this blog?” Well that’s all good luck!



Hey, Abram here again. I know, my second post today, I’m on a roll. Graham answered my question, correctly naming all staff members that have worked here. Metsfan21, Abram(me), Trusty Hawk, Icy Ice, and then our former members Speedy Fly, Popular Thunder, and Marronfire23. Congratz Graham! That gives him 3 points and the first person to score. Here is the scoreboard:


So as for the next question, here it is and again it is about the history of this blog, “Who created the Poptropica Info blog(this blog)?” Good luck!

PS. This question is only worth 1 point

Hi Abram here. I know I haven’t done this in awhile but I’m doing it now. Welcome to the Question of the Day! The Question of the Day is where I ask a question and you the viewers answer in the comments below. The first person to answer correctly first gets a point. Today’s question will be the first of a category of questions dealing with the history of this blog. So here it is “Who all  has worked here at the blog, both past and current?’ This is a rather hard question, so it’s worth a total of 3 points *Note Staff members cannot answer because that’s not fair. Also because it’s hard i’ll give you a hint. There has been a total of 7(seven) staff members that have worked here. Also another hint is that a link that holds the answer is within the post below. Well that’s all, good luck!

Hi guys Abram here! Sorry I haven’t been posting in awhile, but i’m back. And first I want to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

taken from

Now for my Question of the Day! Here it is: (and yes it is Halloween related) What were the first Jack-O-Lanterns made from?

Now a little history on Halloween.  Halloween dates back to the Celtic’s festival called Samhin. It marked the end of summer and the start of winter, which they associated with death and that on that day the boundary between the world of  the living and the world of the death became blurred and mixed. They thought this meant that the dead were coming back to the living world and wreak havoc. To commemorate the event they built huge bonfires and burned crops as sacrfices to the dieties. During this time they dressed up in costumes and told each others fortunes. Later when the Romans took over the Celtic’s territory, their two customs mixed and over the years evolved to our present holiday where people dress up and get candy and most of all get scared! BOO!!

Know that you know that let me tell you about the history of Halloween in Poptropica. This year Poptropica celebrated Halloween more than they ever had before, mainly with the introduction of the mini-quest Haunted House. Also they have introduced several costumes such as the Swamp Monster, werewolf, Frankenstein, Pumpkin Head, and I think the devil costume is pretty Halloweeny too. And also there’s the Follower’s Spook Pack in the cool stuff.

And know finally, I ask this question what are you guys going to be for Halloween in both real life and Poptropican and what are you going to do for halloween? My Poptropican in dressed in the Dr. Jeckell, Dr. Hyde costume., while in real life i’m not dressing up but instead am going to a festival like thing. Well that’s all. Bye! (Man this post is long)

Update: The first issue of PopNews has come out! Go to the page PopNews and read!

As most, if not all of you know Haunted House is almost among us. Dr. Hare’s been up to some work and was able to access Haunted House before us. Heres the post from the PCB:

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Grave Beckons

The Haunted House is close at hand. Prepare yourself for an eerie adventure! It just might be your last…

avatar image

The one and only Dr. Hare at 11:43 AM
I noticed a coincedence with this. Look at this: Autumn Leaves
If you can’t see the dates its in 1892 and 1912. This is only a guess, but here is a possible description of Haunted House: You arrive in an abandoned graveyard and have to make your way through all the ghouls that inhabit it.
I am pleased to welcome Icy Ice to the PIB. *Hands out Cookies and Cheese* Thanks for joining  Icy Ice. Also, we are not hiring at the moment, sorry for any inconvenience
Abram: Today’s question is Who are the 2 people on U.S. dollar bills that haven’t been presidents? Yesterday’s question, Who was the first female to appear on a U.S. coin? Fast Runner answered correctly with Susan B. Anthony! Congratz Fast Runner!Scoreboard

Big Joker-7


Fast Runner-2


Also Halloween Approachs! YAY!! 🙂 I can almost taste the candy! 🙂 Also I would personally like to welcome Icy Ice. So Welcome!! That’s all from me, Abram, so bye!

Hi Abram here. It that time again! Today’s question is Who was the first female to appear on a U.S. coin? Metsfan21 answered the previous question with the answer the south pole. Here is our present scoreboard


Big Joker-7


Fast Runner-1


Congrats guys! Now for my other subject.  I know I’m a little late with saying this but, IT”S FALL!!! At least it is where I live. It’s been fall for a week now. Fall is one of my favorite seasons beside winter. Also today was the first day I’ve been at school for a week due to illness

Well that’s all. See ya

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