As you all know, staying in shape and excercing is important. Being overweight isn’t fun, and it doean’t look very appealing. You should get off the computer and go outside soon, now that you think about it. But make sure to stay on the computer long enough to read the newest PCB post! Credit to Detective SneakyC and the PHB! Me and  my L A Z Y butt would never have discovered this. 😛

Monday, March 15, 2010


Man! I need to get myself to a gym!

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Hmm.. Hades looks MAAAD… It doesn’t look like he exercises… Or is very strong…  He looks as mad as a Minotaur. 😛
Hades: “Don’t make me angrier!”
O_O No sir… I mean, yes sir… I mean… Uh… OH HEY! Maybe Happy Storm could help me decide. Let’s welcome yet ANOTHER HS onto the PIB. 😛 Oh look, my lazy butt DID discover something! 😀
Oh well… That’s it for today! Stay fit, eat right… Oh! And BTWFYI, bye!!! 😀

UPDATE!!! PopNews! is now out! Scroll down to see the link and check it out!!!

A lot to tell you about here. The Creators have made 2 new posts. Here’s the first one which is an island update

Help me

I don’t know who allowed access to this cave but this area is obviously unstable and they didn’t even offer me a hardhat. Besides, what is that weird, green thing in the water

avatar imageMaster Mime

In this post our friend from Counterfeit Island rejoins us to tell us about what seems to be a sneak peak of Mythology Island. So from this sneak peak you can tell that you have to do a mission and to complete or do something to find something you have to go through this and the object is to pass without you boat getting hit by a falling rock and sinking. But I agree with Mr. Mime man, What is that green thing?

The second post is about New store items.

A little magic in store…

We’ve just released a new “Magician” outfit in the store! This outfit has a few fun surprises…and facial hair 🙂

avatar image Shark Boy

So there are some new items to the store for both genders. We have the male magician and female magician. As usual, these costumes cost 75 credits. The special action that happens when you hit the spacebar for the male magician is that bubbles come out of his hat and then a bouquet of flowers. And also eh has facial hair! Yay! Cause that’s every little boy’s dream is to grow facial hair.

And finally PopNews! is already out. The link is https://poptropicaninfoblog.wordpress.com/popnews-2/popnewsissue-1/ Sorry it we didn’t announce its release,you can blame Mets for that (Yes,Mets is editing right now :p )

Well that’s it, see ya!

~Abram signing off (idk what the whole ~ thing is about it just that I found it a few seconds ago and wanted to use it so ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ok seriously bye ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.

Ok I mean it this time, bye


Here at Poptropica, people are getting Love Sick! It’s the new Mechanical Flu! Witches are brewing Love Potions to make profits, which turns into lovey-dovey Poptropicans BUYING BIG HEARTED–the new store item that’s a big heart! YUCK!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Look, it’s my favorite color! And just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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The one and only Dr. Hare

Oh, only time will tell when the Love Sickness will end! But for now, there’s ways to prevent it!

  1. Stay away from the Store.

Poptopricans have been found drifting away with hearts and chocolates and flowers and yuck.

2.  Don’t believe in the love!

Dr Hare and his furry litte pink behind must be trying to get something to emphasise his “evil.” If you believe it, you’ll never see it–Or anything at all, for that matter.  Hearts have been following those that have been believin’ the love!

And that concludes our Healthy Tips with Hyper Star! Stay safe from the love!–What? New perfume?! OK! *spraying sounds* OMG LOVE POTION!!! AAAH!

Narrator: And as HS runs away, while being followed by a giant heart, and a witch… And Dr. Hare… There is a new contest she is unaware of… Check out the post above for details!

Hello this is Abram Newsguy on the streets of Poptropica with breaking news! Suddenly random outbursts of Poptropican have turned to solid gold. Robbers have began stealing the Gold Poptropican. All cops are out on the watch for people carrying solid gold Poptropicans, a little hard to miss. Well back to you Abram!

Hello, there this is Abram here and there has been a new PCB post.

Get the Midas Touch!

avatar imageShark Boy

Yep so apparently the Creators have come up with a new item for their membership granted people, while us regular non-membership people have to buy it with the lousy credits we have to earn by working. Ugg working, who like to work. Yo so this seems to be a pretty weird useless item. It just like most cool stuff items cost 25o credit. When using this item you can turn yourself and others into a gold. Weird, I wonder how that works, can you use it during the game? Probably not. Idk, strange item. Oh well, in other news PopNews! has been delayed for technical difficulties. Stay tuned! And also for our personal connection I turned 13 last week, Groundhog Day reveled 6 more weeks of winter and the Saints upset and shocked the Colts winning the Super Bowl. Well that it bye!

Hi.  Short post manly because I just want to tell you that the first issue of PopNews is out! Go to the page called PopNews and read!  For our next issue please send in your artwork and stories and we will feature it in the next issue. That’s all. BTW make sure to read the post below. Oh yeah,also I’ve created my own personal blog, called Abram’s Totally Random Blog at abramsrandomblog.wordpress.com Check it out!

UPDATE (Metsfan21): Poptropica has new  side ads for Aliens in the Attic. It could mean that an adventure ad might hit the streets of Poptropica. I was able to take a pic of it. Check it out!:



Thats all from me,for now. See you guys!

-Metsfan21 and Abram