Now Hiring

The Blog is hiring. We’re only recruiting one back-up author. This is the only author we’ll be hiring for a long time. If you want to be a back-up author,you have to meet these standards:

*Being able to take screenshots on Poptropica
*Being on 2 other blogs or less (if you are on more,you’ll have to quit another blog. Sorry)
*Having a little knowledge of graphics (doesn’t really matter)
*Be 9 or older (doesn’t really matter)
*Must have decent grammar
*Must obey the rules


Me again, now I’m looking authors and investagator. I need someone to investigate upcoming events in Poptropica. Authors will update us on stuff like new Creator’s Blog posts and new arrivals to the Poptropica Store. Please write a comment explaining why you’re right for the job. I’m only choosing two authors. If you’re good with graphics or headers, please respond on the Graphics Guy/Girl post. I might not hire any more staff, sorry. 😦 Thanks for joining,Abram.

I’m looking for a poptropican who’s good with Graphics. If you think you’ve got what it takes submit a comment telling me why you are right for the job. I’ve decided to hire one graphics guy/girl. Thanks for joining, Speedy Fly.