Hi guys! This is Metsfan21 posting. I am pleased to welcome Trusty Hawk to The PIB. Next, I’d like to post some stuff from the Multiverse Party I was hanging out in. Header-18.png picture by PoptropicaInfoBlog

I edited it with Photobucket. I’d like to give a big welcome to Trusty Hawk, once again. You Rock!!!!!!!! Another quick update: PopNews! is almost done. Come back in Early November to see it! You can advertise your blog/site in PopNews! Those who want one, will have to wait until the Issue in December, but you can reserve a spot by commenting! Thats all for now.


Update: PT is back on the blog. That means we will not hire any more people for now. I did have one of you guys in mind, so I’ll keep an eye on you.


Yup,the party’s over 😦 . A ton of people came. Here they are:  Me (Golden Dragon),Popular Thunder,Brave Runner,Shiny Cheetah,Perfect Wolf,Moody Chicken,Tough Cloud,Shifty Gamer,Icy Bubbles,Quick Onion (Abram),Grumpy Leopard, Popular Kid,Tiny Dragon and Strange Eye. Thank you for coming to the party. 🙂

The 1000 Hits Multiverse Party has begun!!!!!!!!! Heres the code: BZW17 Glitch again,sorry. Heres the new code: BQN72 Party’s over guys. Some of you didn’t see the warning about the party. It was only Me, Abram and Popular Thunder,

Last nights party was a big sucess for our first multiverse party. Metsfan21 already commented about it on the multiverse post but I felt like I had to post about it too because it was so fun 1 post isn’t enough! I enjoyed hanging out with u guys like Golden Dragon(metsfan21), Popular Thunder, Nice Singer, Noisy hopper, Brave Runner, Cuddly Sun, Magic Joke, and Trusty Hammer. I played a game of Sky Dive against Metsfan21 and lost the first game but won the rest. I also played him at pathwise, which was the first time I had ever played that game and beat him. And then I played Popular Thunder at Sky Dive and won. But then I had to leave early 😦 But still I had a really fun time. Thank you all for coming.

Theres a new ad on Poptropica. The ad is for the movie Bedknobs and Broomsticks. You have to retrieve Asoroth’s magical medallion. Heres a walkthrough: First you have to go on top of the bed and click on it. You will be taken to an Island. Next,you have to talk to the king,and accept his challenge. You have to score 3 out of 5 shots (TIP: Try aiming for the corners). If you succeed ,the king should give you the medallion. Return to the bed and click on it. Talk to the man you saw when you first entered. Give him the medallion. As a reward, he’ll give you a Soccer King Outfit. I’d also like to announce that the next monthly multiverse party is on September 25th at 7:30 EST, and is a celebration of speedy fly’s birthday.

The first Monthly Multiverse is over. 😦 Unfortunately,every good party has to end. The party lasted about an hour. Heres a list of the guests:Me, Abram, Popular Thunder, Brave Runner, Cuddly Sun, Magic Joker, Noisy Hopper, Nice Singer and Trusty Hammer. For the most part I won games,but I’ve got to hand it to Abram who creamed me at Pathwise! There will be another one soon! 🙂

Metsfan21, out