Hey Guys. Metsfan21 (Now ImSoPsychosocial) here. So, I know I’ve shut down the blog and all. No, this is not a re-boot of the blog. Just allowing everyone to know that I haven’t died (as many people are presumed to be after discontinuing something) and I’m still in contact with some of the former blog members. I’ve moved along with my graphics and coding. Below are some links to sites where you can still find me.

Seperated For Cyanide – Just a Novel that I’ve been working on. PLEASE NOTE: This is a PG-13 novel, as it deals with common day society in an adventurous way.

Deviantart – My Deviantart Page where I post some pictures of been working on.

Youtube – Just an Account on Youtube, I don’t actually make videos.

So, if you want, you can go check those out and be sure to check out my Deviantart for updates on a new Project I’m launching called named Project Psy (Pronounced saɪ). Project Psy will basically be a place where I release Graphics and Coding Tutorials. However, I’m trying to convince a few friends to release Graphics and Coding Tutorials alongside me (if so, their names will be added to the bottom logo). Oh yeah, the logo.


Not much to look at, but this is the first design. So thank you guys, hope to see you again…whenever I post a new blog, but don’t expect one for quite a long time.


Well, I’m leaving. Because of some recent events, Setew2 will now own The PIB. It is my wish that any old authors please do apply for a spot (if kicked off for inactivity/Left) by email. I’ll probably be quitting Xat and AQWorlds soon. Believe me, this is not an easy choice. Submit for Author Role by commenting, only one person will get this opening.  I know this isn’t the proper way to leave, but I feel this is the only way it can be done. The sun sets on the era of ownership by me, but a new one is created with the ownership of Setew2, BunBun, Hyper Star and Xarr. I would like to thank Abram, Speedy Fly.White Star, DJDOG, Happy Storm and Popular Thunder for their past efforts on the blog. We closed down for the past few days, and because of recent events taking place in my real life, I was unable to reopen the blog. However, it is now public. I will be handling the blog for the rest of the day, and will be handling the Author Submissions for 3 days. Today is day 1. The Blog Email is going to become irrelavant, as this contact will no longer be in use. Goodbye Friends, Bloggers and Commenters.


Sorry if we scared you, but I’m not leaving. Abram is going to leave as well, you can view his goodbye post below. In other News, two more Authors have been added to the PIB. BunBun and Setew2 have joined the PIB. Here is what we missed, straight from the PCB:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yesterday, you saw some of the earliest ideas for the plant monsters that will appear on the next Poptropica island, Steamworks Island. This one seemed appropriately icky.

It’s still no more than a sketch — just an outline of an idea. But we’re already thinking about how the plant will look when it’s colored and detailed, and how it will move. The next step is to take this sketch and Poptropica-ize it!

avatar image
HADES (more…)

YAY UPDATES!!! Abram here. I myself will be going on hiatus for a week. I’m going traveling and will not have access to a computer. I may be able to check in everynow and then but not likely I’ll be able to post. After that week I will be returning. So bye!

ANOTHER UPDATE: The PIB will be down on and off today for editing Pages. This may continue for the next few days, but it should be done for good as late as Saturday.

UPDATE: I will stay, but post less often. Instead of hiring two people, we’ll be hiring one person, whom we already had in mind.  In case you’re wondering, she’s a girl often found on Xat 😀 Check Out Xarr’s awesome post below 🙂 I’m also changing my name from Metsfan21 to Mê↑§ƒåΛ²¹, but plz still call me Mets 😀

Yeah, I’m on hiatus for now. I’m real busy with finals and everything else. I already quit a few Poptropica Sites, and Poptropica itself. This Hiatus could last forever, or just for a few weeks. I apologize for any inconvience, but I may even close up the PIB during this Hiatus. I know I promised you a contest, but it’ll just have to be postponed until after the hiatus. If you’re wondering, I will be hiring two more people to help out.  I’m not making any promises, but if I come back, it’ll be in Early-Mid July. Signing off,


We will be down for Page Editing later tonight this weekend.


Hai Guys, Mets here riding the Waves! Before I get into the post, I’d just like to make an important announcement.  All Members who haven’t had their account setup or haven’t been MAPPED, please email us immediately. If you do not respond within one week of this message, your membership will be terminated. Now to the PCB:

Mythology Surfers!

It’s summertime, so grab your sunscreen, surfboards, and hit the beach!

These outfits are now available in the store, so choose your Mythology Surfer style: Zeus, Hades, or Poseidon.

avatar image


Awesome, right? It appears to have the font from the Surf’s Up Movie. Well, one of my friends plan on Surfing all summer. But I’m cool with Skim Surfing and Bogey-Boarding 😀  Just me and mah cuzin at the beach. Until then, I’m stuck in school working on Final Exams. Gotta take 7..but the good thing is I get a 5 Day weekend during the finals week. Well, here’s my signing off question: Which Style do you surf? The Fast-as-Lightning Zeus,  The King of the Sea Posiden, or the mysterious methods of Hades? Thats all I got for today. Sighing off,


Note: I’m Sighing off cuz of finals.. 😐

Haiyaz..I’m here with the latest updates from Poptropica and…what the heck? *Noises are heard behind the stage*. Agent Doggy Here again. Yeah, what I did to Mets was a bit harsh..but hey! Ya gotta admit, it was awesome. Anyways, I work for The PIB Agency. Fellow Agents wouldn’t want word to get out, but theres gonna be a contest again…once we get 20,000 hits. Your mission is to give us those hits so we may start the contest. The prize is an account with lots of hacked items. Two winners will be selected.  The contest objective is to *more noises are heard backstage* Theres nothing to see here. I’m the head agent. I’ll let Mets get back to his post now.

Mets: Thank you Agent Head. That was a close one. Now back to the Updates. SkullDuggery comes out for Members tommorrow! Luckily, people with our membership get SkullDuggery access early!  There are also new Prom Outfits on Poptropica. You can look at this quote from The PCB:


It’s time to strut your stuff in these new “Prom” themed outfits! Of course, I prefer to wear my shark suit for these fancy occasions.

avatar image

I’d also like everyone to welcome Xarr to the PIB!
Well thats all. Signing off,
UPDATE: I’d like to advertise a new and cool Blog. You can visit them by clicking the logo below:
Quick Berry Blog logo
*Even More noises are heard offstage*. I managed to get back here. Your objective is to make the best Poptropican Villan and SuperHero. Your costume is limited to three hacks  (excluding name). Bye!

Monthly Multiverse 5/4/10 at 7:10 PM EST. See Chat on about page for the code at that time.

A Note to Members and/or member to be: We are not accepting more members. As of right now, Giant Hawk, Friendly Gamer, Happy Fang, Fast Runner, and Undefined_Undefined are our members. We will personalize your info only visible to do, as well as MAP your poptropican if you send in 3 submissions for PopNews!

Hai Guys, Mets here. I’mma tell you bout the new fashion craze, Pirate Bubble Gum Pop,found on trains items on Poptropica.  Heres the stats:

Chew! Chew! All aboard for bubble gum pirate pop ^_^ . But before we sell you our product, you should see the Competition. Ok, so maybe its free, but its stale gum! It stinx. It is missing the thing we pirates call “explosive pop”. So how does our product have the Explosive Pop you ask?  Well, one answer….


Still on the fence bout this? Why dont you look at the review Director D did on both brands.

To chew, or not to chew?

We have two new items in the store this week, and both of them are gum!

The first item is classic pink gum! Press the space bar to blow bubbles all around Poptropica FOR FREE!

The second is a fire filled Cinnamon Gum! When you press the space bar, fire filled bubbles float and pop on the screen!

avatar image

Its official!! 😀 Get our explosive pop gum today, only 250 credits 😉 Act now, and we’ll throw in two free items for members:

Awesome, amrite? Signing off, Explosive Bubble Gum Pop Trains Incorporated.