Setew2: I’m 15 years old and joined the Poptropica community about a year ago.Β  I am a member of the PHF, where I am in charge of the Poptropican Newsletter, currently under construction, and I love to play in the arcade. Outside of the computer I love soccer (or football) and gymnastics, as well as reading and spending time with my younger siblings. My favorite music is soft and classical rock, and my favorite color is blue. I live in the Southeast US, and my Poptropica name is Dizzy Catfish, though I mostly go by Setew2. πŸ™‚

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to e-mail us at

Da Rules

  1. No Swearing, insulting or any form of Bad-Mouthing
  2. Don’t share personal information (with the exception of Gender, State and birthday.).
  3. If its not about poptropica, its not supposed to be on This blog

We’re just regular Poptropica Players like you, We’re not creators.

Welcome to the Poptropica Blogs section! This is an areaΒ where you can advertise your blog. In return,you must add us to your blogroll. Just give us the following information about your blog: blog name,authors and Link or URL. Please note: Your blog will not appear on the page until you add us to your blogroll I’ll update the page daily.

Name: The Poptropican Info Blog.
Staff:Metsfan21, Hyper Star, Xarr, BunBUN, and Setew2

Name:Sneakyc’s Blog
Staff:SneakyC, Hoshia, Grumpy Bear, SassySweety, and Coskit

Name: The Daily Poptropica
Staff: Serious Sword, Mad Gamer

Name: The Poptropica Fun Blog.
Staff:Happy Storm, Sea Berry, Aaangr, and Metsfan21

Name: PopSuite
Staff: Dynaboa, Comical Hawk, FH, Nellaallen, Coskit, Golden Butterfly

Name: The GHB
Staff: Giant Hawk
Side Note: There is a MSS side site for this blog.

Former Authors

Here is a list of some former authors that may or may not be returning.

Metsfan21-The former admin of the website who left because he quit Poptropica
Abram-Another former admin of the site who also quit Poptropica
Popular Thunder- An author who was kicked off for inactivity. After contacting him he stated he would not come back
Speedy Fly- Our Former graphics guy who was removed due to inactivity.
MaroonFire23-An author who was removed swiftly due to plagirism
DJDOG-An author who didn’t stay on the blog too long. He always underestimated himself.
Dynaboa-One of the only two coders on the PIB (the other being Metsfan21), he left for some unknown reasons.
Hacker-He was a part of our April Fools prank whose account was controlled by Metsfan21. This account is fake, so don’t get worried or anything.
Icy Ice-A Graphics Girl who later quit Poptropica and left the Poptropica Fan Community.
Happy Storm-A creative author who quit Poptropica, but is still contactable by using AQWorlds.
Trusty Hawk-Another creative author who had to quit the blog in order to manage other aspects of her life, she left for very admirable reasons.
BunBun-One of our authors who has been removed due to inactivity, but will be re-hired if/when she returns.


72 Responses to “About”

  1. Speedy fly Says:

    I am honerd to say that you are 1 of 2 exeptions in the entire making of the existance of the galaxy milkyway!I will join your blog.You have no idea how lucky you are.I NEVER join wordpress blogs!So the answer is yes.The blog looks like it has potential.

    1. metsfan21 Says:

      Thanks,that means a lot to me and I ‘m sure it means just as much to Abram

    2. Abram Says:

      thanks speedy fly. metsfan21 is right it does mean a lot to me

  2. Abram Says:

    idk. Yor are putting me in my tight spot here since we were considering hiring Big Joker. I’ll have to talk to Metsfan21 about this but I have an idea what I might do is this. Have you and Big Joker write a story or a post and send it in and whoever’s is the best we will hire as a back-up writer. That’s my idea. Anyway I hope to see you at the multiverse party!

  3. popularthunder Says:

    ? have you seen my blog?

    1. metsfan21 Says:

      Yes, we both have.

  4. metsfan21 Says:

    He was the first person to ask to join the blog,and I’ve been on the fence about this for a while.

  5. Abram Says:

    we know u aren’t Big Joker

  6. Abram Says:

    Why? u are part of like 4 or 5 blogs. we would like to have u but we just can’t

  7. popularthunder Says:

    Why though? Speedy Fly and not me!

    1. metsfan21 Says:

      Speedy Fly’s in like 2 or 3.

      1. Abram Says:

        because Speedy Fly didn’t beg us to join

  8. popularthunder Says:

    Because of you all he quit he is trying to quit my blog.

    1. Abram Says:

      don’t blame us he agreed to join us. and stop dragging Speedy Fly into this. u are making him feel bad

  9. Abram Says:

    thank you. u r welcome to come to the multiverse party

  10. Big Joker Says:

    700 hits in a week (and more!)Rock on TPIB!

  11. Popular Thunder Says:

    Hey Abram can you take me off sonic rider’s blog. He said somebody else should do it.

    1. metsfan21 Says:

      Hey,Popular Thunder,do you want to join or create a club?

  12. zanygamer Says:

    Can I join this blog?

    1. metsfan21 Says:

      I’m sorry, but we are not looking for authors now. Thanks for wanting to join, though.

  13. Graham Says:

    Um, you have to ypdate this page.

    1. Graham Says:

      I mean update.

    2. metsfan21 Says:

      We know.

      1. Graham Says:

        Ok, good. I just wanted to point that out.

  14. Graham Says:

    Abram, you said you like peace. So then: Peace,
    La Paz,
    That how you say peace in (in order) English, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Hindi. (I learned that in a book, I only speak English, not any of the other languages) πŸ™‚

    1. Abram Says:

      cool man, very cool. toommarow i’m going to tell everyone La Paz

      1. Graham Says:

        Cool! πŸ™‚ La Paz to you!

  15. Speedy fly Says:

    Oh, lol serious cky is not a real person.I just made a different account and used him for one of my stories.And Ned Noodlehead isn’t actually on my blog.Lol

    1. metsfan21 Says:


  16. Quick Berry Says:

    Can I be part of your blog oh and can you be part of my blog I also know the creators of Poptropica

    1. metsfan21 Says:

      Thanks for the offer,but its a No on both.

  17. tw Says:

    Happy New Year!
    Do guys happen to know if poptropica was developed by Pearson or if it was acquired or developed by a third party development group? Really appreciate it!


    1. metsfan21 Says:

      It was created by Pearson Education πŸ˜€ Jeff Kinney we think.

      1. dynaboa Says:

        Actually, Jeff is just one creator. here is a list of some other ones:

        Jeff Kinney
        Jordan Leary
        Nate Greenwall

        I’m still figuring out the creator of hades…

      2. dynaboa Says:

        The creators are a bit careless about keeping their identities secret… I’ve been searching blogs for about a year, looking for creator data. All I’ve collected is their emails, names, & where they live.

  18. Happy Storm Says:

    Name: The Poptropica Fun Blog.
    Staff:Happy Storm, Metsfan21, Dizzy Penguin, njg28, Sea Berry, Blue Robot, and Big Joker

    1. metsfan21 Says:

      Sorry I couldn’t get to u fast,Wordpress sorted it into a spam folder. Blog definetely approved.

    2. Happy Storm Says:

      Soo, can I use my Deluxe package now? xD

      1. metsfan21 Says:

        Can u magically get 4,500 Hits :p xD. An average of 50 hits a day will make u qualify.

      2. Happy Storm Says:

        Fine, for now, how ’bout the basic?

    3. Happy Storm Says:

      Okay, update. Remove Big Joker, Dizzy Penguin, and Njg28. 😦

      1. Metsfan21 Says:

        I’ll update it soon.

  19. dynaboa Says:

    Poptropica Journal
    Poptropica Journal
    Dynaboa, Tall Walker, Nellaallen, Graham,Comical Hawk, Friendly Hopper,Quick Berry

    We don’t really have a blogroll- though we can put you near the top of our PopSites! page under Poppin’ Stuff tab. If that doesn’t work for u, I’m sure we can figure something out.

    1. dynaboa Says:

      Blogrolls take up too much space, in my opinion. Tell me if adding you to PopSites won’t work out….I’ll think of something

    2. Metsfan21 Says:

      Sorry I couldn’t get to update- I thought one of my authors did it. I can’t add PopJournal, but I will add Popsuite.

  20. Name: Poptropica Help Guys.
    Staff:Friendly Gamer

    1. metsfan21 Says:

      Approved. I will add it shortly. Denied for Fraud.

  21. Giant Hawk Says:

    Yeah…sorry if you deleted my other comment for not logging in. πŸ˜† But anyways, i’ll take the basic package:

    Name: Giant Hawk’s Blog or the GHB (preferable name, Giant Hawk’s Blog)

    My url:

    My Authors: Giant Hawk, more coming soon

    1. Giant Hawk Says:

      And I’m thinking of adding a blogroll with you in it! (as I said in my other comment, πŸ˜† )

    2. Giant Hawk Says:

      I only have 196 hits. Just started.

    3. Metsfan21 Says:

      LOL,we didn’t,but we just didn’t get to your comment.

      1. Giant Hawk Says:

        Oh…LOL! I’m hyper today! I even made a blog banner! (my first!)


      2. Metsfan21 Says:

        LOL,cool. Just remember-Stay on topic (ur half on/off topic). I’ll add ur blog shortly.

      3. Giant Hawk Says:

        Ok. Sorry. Also, I really like your blog.

      4. Giant Hawk Says:

        Yeah, sorry about earlier…I just wanted to notify that there is another Multiverse thing.


        Creator/founder: Giant Hawk

      5. Metsfan21 Says:

        Site denied for stinking! LOL,I’m jk. You got a cool blog there. Site approved.

      6. Giant Hawk Says:


      7. Giant Hawk Says:

        When are you going to add my blog? 😦

      8. Happy Storm Says:

        Patience, young one. xD He’ll add it when he’s done being busy or discussing matters. πŸ˜‰

  22. blueshield Says:

    Can i join this blog?

    1. Metsfan21 Says:

      As of now,we’re not recruiting. Sorry. We’re just getting a new member now…and please don’t ask to join πŸ˜‰

      1. Giant Hawk Says:

        A new member…sweet! 4 drecruits. can’t wait.


        -Giant Hawk

  23. Giant Hawk Says:

    Mets…the beard you said you could help me with…is it from Dr. Hare’s secret lab or a beard as in Hippie man, or a Santa Claus beard?

  24. Giant Hawk Says:

    Mets…I don’t need the Dr. Hare thing…but thank you for your offer! :mrgreen: I have lots of rare-items and have already created the account. Once again, thank you Mets. πŸ˜‰

  25. dynaboa Says:

    Hi Mets! Thanks for listing PopSuite on here- even though I didn’t tell you to. So very nice of you- Thanks!

    1. Metsfan21 Says:

      You told me to do PopJournal, so I figured you’d want Popsuite up there πŸ™‚

    1. Giant Hawk Says:

      oh, sorry, duplicate comment. 😦

  26. Epsoa Says:

    How did you get those avatars? The head close ups?

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