Hey Guys. Metsfan21 (Now ImSoPsychosocial) here. So, I know I’ve shut down the blog and all. No, this is not a re-boot of the blog. Just allowing everyone to know that I haven’t died (as many people are presumed to be after discontinuing something) and I’m still in contact with some of the former blog members. I’ve moved along with my graphics and coding. Below are some links to sites where you can still find me.

Seperated For Cyanide – Just a Novel that I’ve been working on. PLEASE NOTE: This is a PG-13 novel, as it deals with common day society in an adventurous way.

Deviantart – My Deviantart Page where I post some pictures of been working on.

Youtube – Just an Account on Youtube, I don’t actually make videos.

So, if you want, you can go check those out and be sure to check out my Deviantart for updates on a new Project I’m launching called named Project Psy (Pronounced saɪ). Project Psy will basically be a place where I release Graphics and Coding Tutorials. However, I’m trying to convince a few friends to release Graphics and Coding Tutorials alongside me (if so, their names will be added to the bottom logo). Oh yeah, the logo.


Not much to look at, but this is the first design. So thank you guys, hope to see you again…whenever I post a new blog, but don’t expect one for quite a long time.