October 2010

Hey guys! It’s Graham with possibly the saddest posts ever. Ok- here we go:

This blog is done. Over. We’re sorry about this, buts its just over. Thanks for all the AWESOME viewers!!!!! You guys rock!! 😀 the blog will remain open for archive purposes. Well, on to the the last paragraph of the Poptropican Info Blog:

This blog was started over 1 year ago by Metsfan21. It was an AMAZING blog, but unfortunately it’s over. Guys, I go out and be the best Poptropican you can be on your own life. BE a POPTROPICAN!!! Live life to your fullest and have fun (though I highly recommend you don’t swim in shark infested waters or walk on lava planets! Guys, thanks for all the support ’till the end. Bye from Mets, Abram, and all the others who ever worked here.  You are true Poptropicans. Thank you SOOO much. Go out! Live life! Have fun!!! Thank you! See ya guys! Peace out! Adios! Bye! Goodbye!!!!!

Your friend,

Graham, Poptropican Info Blog


The great pumpkin island is out. However, this blog may be closing because no one ever posts. I’ll try to keep the blog going as ahrd as I can. Thanks guys. BYE!