Steamworks Island has certainly been the “hot” topic on the Creators’ Blog. Binary Bard had strange encounters with a round helicopter robot. Look at the pictures below of the transition from when we first met him, to his upset face, about to show off for Binary Bard.

It seems Mr. Sprocket here doesn’t like being called a “stupid robot.” He seems to be pretty smart to me.

Yesterday I received an e-mail about the up and coming Steamworks Island. Look below:

Steamworks Island available with Membership on August 12!

Gear up for the next Poptropica Island adventure and discover what happened to the inhabitants of Steamworks Island. Steamworks Island opens to the public on September 9, but Members can begin their steamy journeys on August 12.

Not a Member yet? Purchase Membership today! Not only will you get Early Island Access, you will also have unlimited use of the items in the Poptropica Store. Take the Poptropica Membership Tour now to learn more about Membership.

Keep up with the latest island launches, news, and cool stuff through the Official Poptropica Blog.
-The Poptropica Creators

As well, there is a trailer for Steamworks Island.

All this hype, Steamworks Island better be good. What do you think?