August 2010

This is our 1 year anniversary!!!! YAAAAAYYYY!!! 🙂 😀  ★☆ ❤ ℑhis day, 1 year ago, the Poptropican Info Blog was published by the great Metsfan21!!! Many good things have happened since then, but the list is too long, so I’ll just say we helped people in Poptropica. CAKE FOR EVERYONE!!!!!! WOOOO-HOOOOO!!!!! YAAAAAAAAaaaaaayy…That’s it.  In other news, there are houses in the making.

This is a cozy estate.

A big mansion.

A cool, creative house.

Country homes? COUNTRY ISLAND? I would LOVE that. COOL! I like the cozy estate. What about you? Oh- STEAMWORKS island is out.

So, that’s it! 1 year of fun! Have some cake and CELEBRATE. I’m Graham- OUT!


Well, all you members out there, you get to experience the thrill, the excitement, and the pure awesomeness of Steamworks Island starting on August 12, otherwise known as this Thursday. Captain Crawfish is counting down, look below:

The final countdown to Steamworks Island

The wait is almost over. Poptropica Members will have Early Access to Steamworks Island beginning this Thursday, August 12. We think you’ll really like this one.

There are plenty of surprises in store for Poptropicans, and lots left to discover about Steamworks Island. So, as we count down to the launch of Steamworks Island, we’ll be sharing just a few more snapshots of what you have to look forward to.

This appears to be a shop of some kind. I wonder if there’s anything useful in there?


This seems to be Sully’s Steam-Powered Paraphernalia, a shop somewhere on Steamworks Island, shown in the trailer at 0:25. A calender, a bell, a clock, a hot air balloon, a radio, and plenty of gears. Who know what you’ll need to complete your quest!

Look at this awesome new store item!

Psychedelic Shirt

Check out this crazy new shirt inside the Poptropica store. It looks like it’s moving!


Definitely wanting this shirt, and I would get it if I was a member, but since I’m not. It seems some people here are… JK xD Although the girl in the video was kinda creepy looking. I thought she might bite my face off. Master Mime, if this is who you hang out with, you better watch out. Make sure to look below for Binary Bard’s last encounter with Sprocket before heading to Steamworks Island. See you there!

Look at this:

I cut a rug. I boogied down. I busted a move. Yet my new robot friend was unimpressed. When I challenged him to show me something better, he paused for a moment. I could hear a whirring sound behind his eyes.

Then, a surprise! (more…)

Hey guys! It’s Graham! Our robot dude from Binary Bard’s posts appears to be a friend! Here are some pics that prove we make a friendship with this robot:


Gear up for the next Poptropica Island adventure and discover what happened to the inhabitants of Steamworks Island. Steamworks Island opens to the public on September 9, but Members can begin their steamy journeys on August 12.

Oh, I’m on VACATION but my laptop works. Anyway, STEAMWORKS is coming soon along with our little robot friend which leads me to the next post. (more…)

Steamworks Island has certainly been the “hot” topic on the Creators’ Blog. Binary Bard had strange encounters with a round helicopter robot. Look at the pictures below of the transition from when we first met him, to his upset face, about to show off for Binary Bard. (more…)