Hello! I’m Graham. I’m the new author here at the PIB! I soooo exited to be here, so heres a little bit about myself:

I’m Graham! (duh!) I’m 11 years old and I love to make movies, write books, go on the computer, hang out with friends, read, go on adventures, and have FUN! I make a lot of movies on ProductionPoptropica (http://www.youtube.com/user/ProductionPoptropica) and I’ll share some of the good movies on here. I’ll try to add a lot of fun and creative stuff on here. I’m sorta a nerd, but as athletic as nerds get meaning I don’t like sports but I’m still fit and like to run (mainly because my Dad’s a gym teacher so I HAVE to be active.) . So, that’s it for me, lets go on to the Wimpy Kid himself, GREG HEFFLEY. On Main Street of any island he’s there saying that if we come back on Thursday we’ll see the cover of his new book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE those books. In fact, once I laughed so hard I-

EXTERMINATOR: Please move out of here in a calm and orderly fashion. *Gets gas mask and gas gun on*

GRAHAM: AAAA! What’s going on here. I’m in the middle of my first post!

EXTERMINATOR: We found things to exterminate here.

GRAHAM: Really?

EXTERMINATOR: OF COURSE WE DID!!! Sorta’, I think. Maybe. Well…ummmm…

GRAHAM: Right. Who are you anyway?

EXTERMINATOR: I’m Bobby. But you can call me Bob the Exterminator.

GRAHAM: Ok, Bobby.


GRAHAM: Ok, Bob the Exterminator!

BOBBY- SORRY, I MEAN BOB THE EXTERMINATOR: I came here to give you safety tips.

GRAHAM: I thought you were gonna exterminate something.


This week we’re going to be sharing some neat tips and tricks to help you get a little more from Poptropica. We’ve hidden a lot of fun easter eggs in the game. You may have found some already!

Have you ever noticed how many of the background objects in Poptropica are interactive? Sometimes even more than you’d think. Take the crab that’s crawling around the first screen of Time Tangled Island.

He certainly looks mopey. But he’ll look even more mopey if you click on him.

See how he gets squished? Well, just see what happens if you keep clicking on him real fast!

Yikes! He explodes. Your Poptropican has to dodge the debris.

Don’t worry, though: he’ll come back together and be good as new in no time.

The same cannot be said for the roaches that infest Bucky’s hotel room on Reality TV Island.

Those little buggers move fast. If you can catch up with them, here’s what happens:

If you leave the room and come back inside, they’ll be ready to be squashed all over again.

Have you found any more clickable objects in Poptropica?


GRAHAM: Um, this is Graham. See ya soon!