It seems the Hub is mostly colored in and textured, so now we need some animation. Looking forward to that? I am. 🙂

Details, details…

The Hub on Steamworks Island continues to evolve. Now, all of the elements are colored in, and we’ve added some detail to try to tell the story of the island.

This version of the Hub is overgrown with vines and weeds. The wobbly angles of its structure are making it look like the whole thing could topple at any moment. And, of course, there’s now a sign telling everybody where they are.

Almost done!


The blue square is back! I wonder what it does… There seems to be a drawbridge on the right down, which I assume leads you deeper into Steamworks Island. And it seems to me that this machine might run on water somehow, because it has water inside it. Or maybe no one ever emptied the water out after it rained. It is an abandoned island. Or so you think…