Well, the next step in the creation of the Hub on Steamworks Island is revealed on the Creators’ Blog. How about that?

The Hub takes shape

The Hub started life as all of Poptropica does, as a simple idea and a sketch. Before long, we take that idea and turn it into reality. But did you know how many different revisions a single scene takes before it gets the Poptropica stamp of approval?

At first glance, this might look like a well developed scene.

But look a little more closely. Why is almost everything the same color? Why does it all look so flat? And what the heck is that blue thing on the right, anyway?

No, the Hub isn’t done yet. Not even close.


Sort of looks like a really complicated steamboat on the water. And what are those red boxes? They seem to me to show how far a Poptropican can jump, but I can’t read whatever is at the top of them. And where do all those pipes go? The Hub is certainly a nice look into the upcoming Steamworks Island. What do you think?