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It seems that lately bubble gum in Poptropica has been mighty explosive. The Creators seem to want you to buy stuff from the Poptropica store, and this is their latest advertisement:

Bubblegum party!

Remember that cool bubblegum we released to the Poptropica Store a few weeks ago?

Or maybe the hot bubblegum?

Or the free bubblegum?

Well, the creators decided to get together in a Multiverse room for a bubblegum party! As you can see, things got a little out of control.

Why not throw your own bubblegum party in a common room or Multiverse room?


Well, as you can see, the Creators in the Multiverse were Shark Boy, Director D, Captain Crawfish, and Master Mime. The others have not been featured on the Creators’ blog, but may be creators also, namely The Black Widow and Triton. Maybe we’ll hear from them later. I guess after The Black Widow went to jail she couldn’t afford anything better than the free gum, while Shark Boy craves the explosive cinnamon gum. What’s your favorite type?
Edit: Make sure to check out this article about the Poptropica creator Jeff Kinney and his connection with Big Nate comic artist, Lincoln Peirce.