Hey, people! This is Setew2 here, a new author on the PIB. I have a high opinion of this blog and hope to be able to make it better. I joined the Poptropica community about a year ago, and am a member of the PHF. There I am in charge of the Poptropican Newsletter, currently under construction, and I love to play in the arcade. Outside of the computer I love soccer (or football) and gymnastics, as well as reading and spending time with my younger siblings. Now onto the Poptropica Creators’ post…

Steamworks plant monster art

After settling on a sketch we liked, it was time for to give a little more life to the plant monster that will be menacing players on Steamworks Island.

Below are two approaches to the plant monster. Can you spot the differences between them?

Little details, like the color of the planter, and big ones, like the plant’s eye, can make a big difference in the monster’s appearance.

The next step: animation test!


Say Hi to Bola! The only other difference is the teeth. I’m pretty excited for Steamworks Island, but too bad I’m not a member… Make sure to say hi to BunBun:  Click here.