YAY UPDATES!!! Abram here. I myself will be going on hiatus for a week. I’m going traveling and will not have access to a computer. I may be able to check in everynow and then but not likely I’ll be able to post. After that week I will be returning. So bye!

ANOTHER UPDATE: The PIB will be down on and off today for editing Pages. This may continue for the next few days, but it should be done for good as late as Saturday.

UPDATE: I will stay, but post less often. Instead of hiring two people, we’ll be hiring one person, whom we already had in mind.  In case you’re wondering, she’s a girl often found on Xat 😀 Check Out Xarr’s awesome post below 🙂 I’m also changing my name from Metsfan21 to Mê↑§ƒåΛ²¹, but plz still call me Mets 😀

Yeah, I’m on hiatus for now. I’m real busy with finals and everything else. I already quit a few Poptropica Sites, and Poptropica itself. This Hiatus could last forever, or just for a few weeks. I apologize for any inconvience, but I may even close up the PIB during this Hiatus. I know I promised you a contest, but it’ll just have to be postponed until after the hiatus. If you’re wondering, I will be hiring two more people to help out.  I’m not making any promises, but if I come back, it’ll be in Early-Mid July. Signing off,