Hey guys.

I, as you can predict from this post, is a resignation. You can feel free to be sad, happy, etc. I’m leaving not cuz I’m emotionally effected. I just quit Poptropica recently and went to another game called Adventure Quest Worlds. You can find me on there and maybe on chats. So, yeah. Since I don’t play Poptropica anymore, why blog about it? That’s the logic so therefore I am quitting (redundant much?)

I would like to thank Mets for helping me with my blog, which i will probably quit as well, and hiring me here. It’s been great, but my time has come. Also, thanks to all my friends on chat. They know who they are, but mostly cause I don’t feel like listing all the names to thank. The post would get way too long. 😉

You can reach me at the PHC, the PHF chat, or on the forums. My email is censored to everyone due to caution of spam/viruses. I’m not gonna be here very much so toodaloo. 😀

Happy Storm is out. Literally.

P.S. a picture to remember me. Goodbye to my PIB posts for the last time.

Happy Storm: Hero Of the Adventure Quest World