We’ll be down for a little bit, but when we come back, we’ll have a contest 😀

Hi, Abram here! There have been 3 new updates on the PCB! Sorry for taking so long but things have gone crazy in the Poptropica world, what with Poptropica, blogs, and the Facebook page. First things first, monkeys. Oh wrong thing, sorry that’s for the monkey convention tomorrow. Ok there is a new fruit Loops ad on Main Street for the younger kids.

Something’s fishy

Have you seen this fish?

There’s a new quest for our younger Poptropicans on Main Street!
avatar imageDirector D

And another new post. I’m not sure what this all about.

Creepy But Cool

Today when I visited the common room on 24 Carrot Island some of us saw this girl wearing a spooky yet stylish outfit. I wonder where she got it.

avatar imageMaster Mime

And the Creators have released 2 new costumes. One a free Graduate outfit and the other a Soccer Player that comes in 4 different colors-red, blue, green, purple in honor of the world cup.

Graduation Day & Soccer Fever!

We’ve got two great items in our store this week!

It’s graduation season and we have a free cap and gown for all of you! Also celebrate the World Cup with a cool color changing soccer outfit!

avatar imageShark Boy

And now for a notice from the  Poptropica Facebook page.

Well, fans, at the end of this week, we’re closing up shop here on the Poptropica Facebook page. The good news: You can continue to get sneak peeks and breaking news over at the official Poptropica blog (http://blog.poptropica.com/)! And keep an eye out for one more special treat for our Facebook fans before we go.

So yep the Facebook page will be gone. I wonder why. Maybe to hard keeping up with both that and the blog. Plus what’s the special treat? I guess….. CHOCALATE!! Well that’s it from, me

Abram signing off!

Psyc! Ok for real now, bye. I’m leaving

Or am I

Metsfan21-Abram get off the stage already!

Ok, bye.

Bwaahhha I’m back. just as I ended the post, I checked the Facebook page and saw this

Fans, as promised, here’s one last surprise. The official Poptropica blog has the scoop on a secret item that’s been hidden somewhere in Poptropica! We’re not revealing its location anywhere else — the Poptropica blog is where you’ll be able to find all the inside information about Poptropica! Keep checking in athttp://blog.poptropica.com/!

It’s a secret to everybody.

Somebody has hidden a hypnotic new item somewhere in the world of Poptropica! It’s totally free — you just have to find it. Here’s a screenshot of where the item is hiding:

Look familiar? Just click on that window pane to see what you find!

(Okay, here’s a hint: It’s in Early Poptropica!)

avatar imageCaptain Crawfish.

Well, I’m on my way to find it. tell us when you do, bye!