Hey guys. Ya know who it is, so yeah. ^Up there. ^ There is a grand spankin’ new post on the PCB! It might be the newest installment to poptropica…. uhh… new… poptropica.. island releases. :/ Well, instead of listening to my CORNY post intros, let’s get to the PCB post! *crowd cheers*

Sneak Peek of a Rusty Robot

I received special instruction to reveal to you this mysterious image. Be wise. With this small piece of information you could save the future of Poptropica. Your mission, for now, is to wait patiently until further notice.

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ROBOTS? TECHNOLOGY? Saving the FUTURE!? OH EM GEE! :O Being wise. ^_^ Sounds pretty good to me.Ā  Some will luv this but some will just say directly, “Eh, nerdy. :|” BLAH BLAH BLAH! Whatever. šŸ™„ Anyways, I would sign up for the email alert on Poptropica. ALSO, leave your comment RIGHT DOWN THERE \/ and tell us what you think about this new island or min-quest possibly.Ā  TELL US HOW YOU FEEL. DEEP DOWN INSIDE! EXPRESS YOUR EMOTIONS! Okay, now go! LEAVE AND LEAVE THAT COMMENT! šŸ˜› BYE!Ā  (=^.^=) <Meow.)