Haiyaz..I’m here with the latest updates from Poptropica and…what the heck? *Noises are heard behind the stage*. Agent Doggy Here again. Yeah, what I did to Mets was a bit harsh..but hey! Ya gotta admit, it was awesome. Anyways, I work for The PIB Agency. Fellow Agents wouldn’t want word to get out, but theres gonna be a contest again…once we get 20,000 hits. Your mission is to give us those hits so we may start the contest. The prize is an account with lots of hacked items. Two winners will be selected. Β The contest objective is to *more noises are heard backstage* Theres nothing to see here. I’m the head agent. I’ll let Mets get back to his post now.

Mets: Thank you Agent Head. That was a close one. Now back to the Updates. SkullDuggery comes out for Members tommorrow! Luckily, people with our membership get SkullDuggery access early!Β  There are also new Prom Outfits on Poptropica. You can look at this quote from The PCB:


It’s time to strut your stuff in these new “Prom” themed outfits! Of course, I prefer to wear my shark suit for these fancy occasions.

avatar image

I’d also like everyone to welcome Xarr to the PIB!
Well thats all. Signing off,
UPDATE: I’d like to advertise a new and cool Blog. You can visit them by clicking the logo below:
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*Even More noises are heard offstage*. I managed to get back here. Your objective is to make the best Poptropican Villan and SuperHero. Your costume is limited to three hacksΒ  (excluding name). Bye!