What a glimpse of SkullDuggery island! As we sail further into the release of SkullDuggery Island the creators start to release more juicy pictures of the island and what will be on it and as you can see in the picture you see your pirate ship that you will get to design on your very own and upgrade as you go on and also in the picture you see several houses and that’s where I’m guessing you form your pirate crew  there and I’m guessing you have to do special missions for them to get them to join your pirate crew and as you assemble your crew you than probably sail off into the sea where you meet other pirates and fight your way to the treasure!


But watch out for Captain Crawfish he could be more evil then Dr.Hare,Black Widow,Betty Jetty and all the other villans I just hope this villan isn’t as hard as it was to fight Betty Jetty.  

 avatar image      How can he call it “What a bird’s eye when he only has one eye!

As Captain Crawfish says “Get ready to sail for adventure”  just like this sketching done by a Poptropica Creator but just wait for the final copy!