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Hey guys! Looks like there’s a new PCB post but the creators want to assume that we all are in Spring time.. :\ Anyways, there is a new store item that dresses you up as a flower.

Ahhhh….Spring is in the Air

To celebrate the coming of spring we have updated the Flower Power card in the store to include a lovely new outfit to help you look like a daisy as you spread love, joy and blooming flowers throughout Poptropica.

Our fine Master Mime brings this update to us about this funny looking thing so bees will start stinging you(Not an effect, stinks only because it’s a virtual game. xD). How very nice, creators.  If you ask me though, it looks kinda weird like those food costumes (french fries, ice-cream, etc.) . In the background is somewhere in Mythology Island, I don’t know where exactly. Maybe you can help me with that in your comments and maybe something on your opinion on the costumes, if you might buy them and why. 😀


Last but totally not least, either today or tommorow depending on where you live, Happy Mother’s Day. 🙂 That’s to all the moms of the world. Thank you.  Hope children of moms and moms of children can have a great day on this holiday dedicated to such important peeps. Moms. 😀 Have the BESTEST most awesome day of your life. It will be my birthday present.

Your PIB author,

Happy Storm

P.S. Be good to your mom kids.