Good evening. Or morning. Or midday. Depends on where you are. Uh anyway, yeah, Shark Boy has informed us about a new wallpaper featuring the Spy, Black Widow, and Ninja.

New Wallpaper!

Check out our latest Poptropica wallpaper, now in three sizes!

avatar imageShark Boy

I wonder what those 3 have in common which would make then appear on the same thing. Also if you study the background you will see, The Poptropica Blimp, the spy’s gun, Booga the shark, the water tower from Early Pop, both types of guitars from the costumes, an anchor, a palm tree and a TV from RTV. Also an update on Skullduggery Island on the Facebook page.

Looks like this Skullduggery Island ship is almost ready for its christening! Wonder what it’s called…

From the picture we see the ship from the previous post and beside it is a bottle of apple something. Most likely champagne  since that is what they use to christen a ship. and FYI when you christen a ship you break a bottle on the hull in honor of it’s main voyage. As for the bird seed who knows. Maybe the ship is a bird pr is named Something Bird. I guess we will have to wait and see, comment what you think it is below! Bye

UPDATE (Metsfan21): Be sure to check out DJDOG’s leaked Video. You can view it on the youtube channel (changed to )  or below: