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Hai Guys, Mets here. I’mma tell you bout the new fashion craze, Pirate Bubble Gum Pop,found on trains items on Poptropica.  Heres the stats:

Chew! Chew! All aboard for bubble gum pirate pop ^_^ . But before we sell you our product, you should see the Competition. Ok, so maybe its free, but its stale gum! It stinx. It is missing the thing we pirates call “explosive pop”. So how does our product have the Explosive Pop you ask?  Well, one answer….


Still on the fence bout this? Why dont you look at the review Director D did on both brands.

To chew, or not to chew?

We have two new items in the store this week, and both of them are gum!

The first item is classic pink gum! Press the space bar to blow bubbles all around Poptropica FOR FREE!

The second is a fire filled Cinnamon Gum! When you press the space bar, fire filled bubbles float and pop on the screen!

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Its official!! 😀 Get our explosive pop gum today, only 250 credits 😉 Act now, and we’ll throw in two free items for members:

Awesome, amrite? Signing off, Explosive Bubble Gum Pop Trains Incorporated.