We here at The PIB are excited to bring you our version of Membership. Fan: Awesome! When will it be availible? As of now, it should be up and running in a week or two. What Features will it have? We have a Directory to your favorite PIB Sites! And more importantly, you’ll get awesome Poptropica Cheats.  These cheats can be used to hack future islands and copy another person’s full outfit. Backed by popular demand, we will be starting up the Monthly Multiverse. Who needs Poptropica Membership when you’ve got ours? Fan: How much does it cost? Well, its free. When you submit something to PopNews!, you’ll get access to membership. The link is mostly unimportant, considering we password protect everything so only members can view it. E-mail us at poptropicaninfoblog@gmail.com with your submission to PopNews!, and you could get our version of membership! Our Membership isn’t all thats updated! New from the PCB..Members get to view the trailer!

An exclusive Skullduggery Island trailer? It’s in the cards!

Greetings, scallywags! I’ve plundered some important news from the high seas of Poptropica. It seems that Poptropica members will soon find some buried treasure in their inventory. Keep an eye(patch) open for an exclusive sneak peek of Skullduggery Island!

And I’ll see if the salty dogs on my crew can dig up what’s hiding beneath that other question mark, too…

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The creators are getting more cheap with us poptropicans if you ask me. And just a friendly update, Mythology Island is now out to members and non-members alike. Heres a small message from Athena AKA Hyper Star: After doing a random drawing, I’ve decided to give Daedalus an account owned by me 😀
~Metsfan21 and Hyper Star, Out!
Please Note: Your Membership subscription will last based on your work. The password will be changed every month. We will email you how long your membership subscription shall last.