Update From HS2 (Happy Storm): Just FYI, the wait is almost over since another is going to begin anyways… MYTHOLOGY COMES IN 2 DAYS! 😀 So yeah. Be happy like I always am. That’s all from meh and now back over to DJ’s post. 😉

Well here’s a mystery to all those members out there on Poptropica and it’s 2 special cards that’s a treat for all of you. And all they said is stay tuned for details. I wonder what these mysterious cards could be? Could they unravel a mysterious looking costume? Please help me figure out  what these cards mean and what do they hold as they come out soon for Poptropica members? Something tells me that these cards must be unlimited edition like other items have been from advertisements, and the Poptropica Store. Just to remind people that all the walkthroughs for Poptropica should be done very soon and don’t forget to check our YouTube channel that will have sneak peeks of islands and don’t forget if you ever need help on mythology island which comes out this Thursday then please check out the channel we want to help you and to make this blog a better place for you and other visitors.

avatar  image Shark Boy this post seems too interesting about mystery cards I want to know more about Skullduggery Island :).