ARGG, matey!

Happy Storm here, happier than ever! Looks like there is a new post on the PCB post.. about time creators…-.- Anyways, here is the picture included in Shark Boy’s post.

Description: A new adventure is coming soon to Poptropica, Skullduggery Island! Click on the image below to get your Skullduggery Wallpaper.

Title of Image: skullduggeryWallpaper.jpg

Lookie here! The creators are a lot more progressive this year than the last! That pirate looks awesome but he has yellow teeth which is ALSO cool (not that I want it :D). So in your comments, please tell us that chocolate is brown what you think the plot is and your cold hard opinion on this new SkullDuggery Island! Also, how creative do you think this island name was? Tell us nao in a comment. 😀 ‘til we meet again, matey, I’ll be sailin’ those sheven sheas. PIRATES AWAY and don’t forget to check back often in case we make any certain “updates”! 😉 Now I ought to skiddy over to me ship to sail them seven sea.…

This post/update was brought to you by Happy Storm.