Ok Abram Newsguy here right outside the Poptropica Amphitheater and we are waiting for the results to see who has one the Super Villian contest. Boy is it loud out here as the crowd is going wild! First of all we shall mention the contestants-


Muddy Dragon


Happy Fang, and

Noisy Fish

Ok, the results are coming in, we will now take you inside the building.

:A large stage is shown with the 5 contestants on 1 side and the 5 judges on the other. Abram walks to the podium.:

Ok we have our results! First of all I would like to wish congratulations to all the contestants. First of all we shall mention the honorable mentions. So please give a round of applause to the following contestants Daedalus and Unuquadium! Nice work guys!

Now the 3rd place winner is……….Noisy Fish!!!!

Congratz Noisy Fish! Please step up here to our 3rd place/ bronze medal podium. Nice work!

Now it’s down to the final two people Happy Fang and Muddy Dragon! 1 vote separated these two and made one the winner. With 4 votes, coming in 2nd place and winning the silver medal is drumroll please! Come on guys you can do better than that! Ok that was better. Now Happy Fang and Muddy Dragon can you please walk over here to the silver podium, while I take the gold for I win!! BWAAHAHHAA! Now seriously, Muddy Dragon can you please stay on the silver podium and allow for Happy Fang to step onto the gold. Congrats Happy Fang you win!

Now lets not forget Muddy Dragon who came in 2nd place with 4 votes. Congratz Muddy!

And now a big round of applause to Happy Fang who gets 1st place with a total of 5 votes! It was close! Happy you will be recieving your prize soon through e-mail. Well that’s all, bye! Congratz to everyone who entered the contest, you all were great!