Hey everyone! Welcome to The PIB Dinner. You may know us from where we showed you our greek cusine. Well we’re back. Today’s specials include Energy Hogs with a free side of Pirates. It can be fried or grilled. Now for our song:

Gimee that filet o hog
Gimee that hog!
Gimee that filet o hog
Gimee that hog! OH!

Still think it isn’t worth eating? We had Hades, king of dead cusine, and Hazmat Hermit, the ultimate pollution-avoiding-non-energy-hog write a review on our food. Heres Hazmat Hermit on our Filet o Hog:

Earth Day

Until we put an end to pollution, there’s no way I’m going to leave my hazmat suit. Check the Poptropica store for a new FREE Earth Day quest. Not only will you be helping to save the earth, but just for helping out, we’ll give you some free Poptropica credits!

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Awesome, right? Its so bad…we’re willing to give CREDITS to anyone who can eat it! Now heres Hades on our Pirates:

Shiver me timbers!

Ahoy! We’ve been sailin’ the high seas for more Poptropica adventures! Arr…what be this new port?

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The king of dead food has spoken! Pomegranates are better than our Timbers 😀
Well, thats all for now. The filet o song is a trademark of the filet o fish. Signing off,