Oh hai dere. Mets here. There are hogs of enregy roaming Poptropica  is a new PCB post.

Don’t be an Energy Hog!

Next week we will celebrate Earth Day. Be watching the store soon for a new FREE experience that will help you save the planet.

So what exactly is an ENERGY HOG? Don’t worry. You’ll find out soon. 🙂

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I must say, it looks pretty cool. This appears to be either a mini-adventure, or your very own Poptropica House! I’ll set up a seperate page that gets you into it for free if its a mini adventure. I know some cool hacks. In other news, a secret Poptropica Site will be open to the public for a little bit starting October 3rd.  Also, Abram and I will be working on our 15,000 Hits Contest. A Sneak Peek will be posted soon. In other news, there is a way to get into Mythology Island without buying membership. I’d post it, but the creators would disable the hack. So if you ever catch Mets in a good mood, you can always just ask him. The only way to do so is to find him at the PIB Chat- Anywhere but there will not apply. The PIB Chat is over on the About Page. A note to those who won our last contest: We will be giving the accounts out over the weekend. Account #2 has been edited to be a pirate.