If you are still wondering the end to the contest mystery, I will put the exciting conclusion in the next issue of PopNews! And on that topic, we want YOU to enter in stories and all that stuff so that it will be in PopNews! and also we want to know what YOU want to tell us what you want to see and we will work on it. So e-mail us your stories and comment on your ideas!

Yup! We did it. We made 15,000 hits! Its been a long ride to here, and I’d like to thank all my staff members, such as Metsfan21, Happy Storm, Hyper Star, and DJDOG. Also there are some staff members that had to leave that I would like to thank. Speedy Fly, Popular Thunder, Maroonfire23,  Icy Ice, and Dynaboa will all be missed at The PIB. They’re legacys will live on in PIB History.  Now the PIB has a mission for you: You must create the most evil-looking poptropican in all of Poptropica. Names will not be accounted for.  Any hacks (except for dummy hacks) are allowed. Remember people, we wannna be wow-ed by your costumes. The judges are the staff members.

And now a word from our sponsor:

Pirate Doggy

ARGHHH!!! In spirit of Pirate Island, I am now a pirate, matey. An evil one. But even the greatest pirates follow the rules (well except Blackbeard). So follow the contest rules, or ye be walking the plank!

And now we have…A Sneak Peek of the prize! The name is Hero of Poptropica, and he has 1225 credits.

Well evildoer’s good luck in making the evilest Poptropican ever!

Star: If the comment number reaches 50, I MAY give the 50th commenter a Poptropican that will save the day with all of these villains running around… No duplicate comments, comments must be separated by someone else’s before you may post it,  I hate spam, and… Have fun… 😀