I found this very unusual picture on facebook and it has something to do with Poptropica. Could there be a island that involves these characters? Maybe it involves pirates fighting soldiers? I find this might be called Pirate Island.

The rifiles look pretty cool. Pirates don’t usually have those though. They’ve had pirates in a past ad for Fruit Loops. I was able to find some of the Fruit Loops costume. You can find his outfit on Detective Doggy, at http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bdWJleXprYkhCMFpHY3hOQT09

I may be able to dig up some more info on this future island. This island may not come out because of some hackers.  Poptropica has been hacked a little. Keep this quiet though. We wouldn’t want this to get out. We can infer this is an island and not an ad or store costume because the creators took away a rifile cheat, so they wouldn’t want us to have it. Well this is DJDOG and Metsfan21, both signing off.

Abram- On the top part of the picture are 3 pirate characters, while on the bottom are what are probably British soldiers or maybe American. A while ago when pirates roamed the high seas there was almost a war between the pirates and British/American government. So maybe this island is about that.

Edit: I, Athena (Star), would like to say that Deathstalker of the PHF was the first to find the existance of this possible new island. Check it out. 😉