Ze Night–*cough* Sorry, KNIGHT of ze Knights hath arrived, az you may haveith seenith. Astro Knightz haz new conquerers you must defeatith. Checkith out ze new PCB post… Ith…

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Here is our complete line up of new knights in the store. Boys and girls can both have a new Astro – Knight and a Dark Knight. Here is a recap of the new suits.

Earth Knight: Helmet that opens and closes, leaves that trail behind with movement.

Heart Knight: Helmet that opens and closes, hearts that trail behind with movement.

Dark Knight: One look at this knight makes the weak at heart duck for cover.

And word on the street is that goth girls do brush their teeth. True. Goth girls are very cool, pretty and typically have minty breath. I just happened to meet one on Astro – Knights Island that must have just eaten some garlic bread.

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Perzonally, I zink thou hazith a pretty smart mind if you could understand me. πŸ˜› Yes, that was my best Medievil-French-whatever-you-wanna-call-this-accent. So, there’s new costumes at the store. My rating, you ask? 4-5/5. They’re pretty cool. Especially the Earth Knight. It trailsΒ  leaves– Perfect for Earth Day! πŸ˜€ So this concludes my post. GO GREEN! XD
❀ Athena