More Breaking News!

Director D made another new post-

We’re Back!

Poptropica is back online after completing some scheduled maintenance!

Yes Poptropica is back! And I must say that is one awesome costume in the pic.

Breaking News!

Abram here to bring you something fresh off the presses of the PCB. Here it is:


Greetings Poptropicans! We’ll be closed from 6AM – 9AM on Tuesday, April 6 for some technical maintenance. We’ll be back up in no time!

avatar imageDirector D

So I wonder why Poptropica will be down for maintenance. Maybe they’re coming up with something new for Poptropica. But what? Stay tuned! This is Abram signing off.

The PIB Staff Β Wishes You A

Happy Easter!

Welcome to yet another exciting episode of Poptropica Island Update! :applause clap,clap:

I am your host Abram Newsguy!:cricket chirps:

Uh of Poptropica Island Update!:clap, clap: and I’m Abram : silence:

Oh come on! Here’s my co-host, Britteny! :clap. applause: and me, Abram :boos: Fine then be that way! Anyway, the PCB creators have released a new update, a trailer of Mythology Island!

Mythology Island Update!

Mythology Island is the stuff of legends!

avatar image Vlad the Viking

So yeah Mythology Island looks pretty awesome! Β It also looks hard. It seems to be another one of those epic islands like Astro-Knights. One that takes a long time to complete, and you have to go to all kinds of places, and one that’s very challenging. Oh well I’m up to the task are you?

Also in my real world connection, the Final Four took place last night deciding who will play in the College Basketball Championship. Those two teams are, drumroll please… Butler and Duke. I’m pulling for Duke what about you?

Well that’s it for this episode of Poptropica Island Update! This is your host Abram signing off! :cricket chirps:

Hear in the background: Stupid audience. I’ll teach them not to enjoy in the talent of Abram Newsguy. BWWAAAHHHHAAAA!!!!