Hey Everyone! Mets here. We have our three winners!

1. Happy Fang


3. Giant Hawk

Here are the prizes..




Be ready for Part Two of the Contest. Part Two will start once we get 15,000 Hits, so keep on visitin’ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

Clue #2-Don’t Rush. Help Ain’t Running Everywhere

Clue #1- Look below for the path that will lead you on your journey.

Hey there! Abram here to bring you my very first contest! And here it is! No, you’ve got to be kidding me. This can’t be right. People I’m sorry to inform you that…someone stole the contest! But who, was it you?

Hours Later

Detective Abram here at the scene of the crime. I’ve lined up our suspects-

Abram Newsguy-the reporter

Monkey-the monkey reporter

Jack Onion-a 12 year old Poptropican kid, creator of blog

Metsfan21-the creator of this blog

Hyper Star-a blog author

Happy Storm-another blog ย author

As for a motive, the’re all rivals. Abram Newsguy and Monkey are rival reporters and Mr. Newsguy felt that Monkey was stealing his job. So they both wanted to steal it so they would have the big story of reporting about it which would ensure a job.

While Jack and Mets were both the leaders of two rival blogs. They thought if one could steal it, they could use it as a prize to give to their blog readers.

While Hyper Star and Happy Storm are two guess what, rival authors. And they thought it they stole the prize they could…uh they could, oh they just wanted the prize.

But who did it? To find out who, we’ll need your help, the reader, to find out who. E-mail your answer to poptropicaninfoblog@gmail.com Only e-mail the answer but comment below that you are e-mailing so we will make sure to check, but if you answer in a comment you will be disqualified.

Not to intrude or anything, but I’ve come up with some more clues.ย  I found a note. It reads- “MWAHAHAHA! I have successfully stolen your precious contest! Now that can fuel my latest Project!” OH NO! It looks like the person is working on a Project to take over Poptropica. I wonder who did it?

-Detective Doggy

PS: Not everything is what it seems. We only have a few suspects…stay tuned for this contest to unravel itself.ย  And remember, always eat Carrots ๐Ÿ˜€

You may also wanna look below this post, as we try to keep you updated through this little dillema.