Finally. After waiting this long time. After trying to hack Met’s account. Finally. I finally hacked it. Expect this blog to be deleted tommorrow at 1:00 AM CST. I need time. I need to hack again. I made myself Editor, not Admin. But rest assured, I will be back. And this blog will be gone. PERMENANTLY!!  Its a final goodbye. I only wish Mets were here…so he could suffer!

LOL! Sorry, but I had to do that! April Fools! The Creators added a new costume to the store…its not exactly good. I mean seriously, who uses Seltzer as a prank?

Also,Mythology Island is released! I helped a fellow Poptropica Player with it, and I’m able to get you some sneak peeks:


Thats the minotaur Hades found.  Heres a hint to help get into his lair: He loves music. He put his favorite song on his door. Play it, and he may let you enter.  I was also able to get a snapshot of the map. Lookie:


Cool, huh? There are tons of monsters to go through…Cerberus,the minotaur, the Hydra, and you have to survive the river styx.  Let Athena guide you. She’s there to help.