April 2010

We here at The PIB are excited to bring you our version of Membership. Fan: Awesome! When will it be availible? As of now, it should be up and running in a week or two. What Features will it have? We have a Directory to your favorite PIB Sites! And more importantly, you’ll get awesome Poptropica Cheats.  These cheats can be used to hack future islands and copy another person’s full outfit. Backed by popular demand, we will be starting up the Monthly Multiverse. Who needs Poptropica Membership when you’ve got ours? Fan: How much does it cost? Well, its free. When you submit something to PopNews!, you’ll get access to membership. The link is mostly unimportant, considering we password protect everything so only members can view it. E-mail us at poptropicaninfoblog@gmail.com with your submission to PopNews!, and you could get our version of membership! Our Membership isn’t all thats updated! New from the PCB..Members get to view the trailer!

An exclusive Skullduggery Island trailer? It’s in the cards!

Greetings, scallywags! I’ve plundered some important news from the high seas of Poptropica. It seems that Poptropica members will soon find some buried treasure in their inventory. Keep an eye(patch) open for an exclusive sneak peek of Skullduggery Island!

And I’ll see if the salty dogs on my crew can dig up what’s hiding beneath that other question mark, too…

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The creators are getting more cheap with us poptropicans if you ask me. And just a friendly update, Mythology Island is now out to members and non-members alike. Heres a small message from Athena AKA Hyper Star: After doing a random drawing, I’ve decided to give Daedalus an account owned by me 😀
~Metsfan21 and Hyper Star, Out!
Please Note: Your Membership subscription will last based on your work. The password will be changed every month. We will email you how long your membership subscription shall last.

Update From HS2 (Happy Storm): Just FYI, the wait is almost over since another is going to begin anyways… MYTHOLOGY COMES IN 2 DAYS! 😀 So yeah. Be happy like I always am. That’s all from meh and now back over to DJ’s post. 😉

Well here’s a mystery to all those members out there on Poptropica and it’s 2 special cards that’s a treat for all of you. And all they said is stay tuned for details. I wonder what these mysterious cards could be? Could they unravel a mysterious looking costume? Please help me figure out  what these cards mean and what do they hold as they come out soon for Poptropica members? Something tells me that these cards must be unlimited edition like other items have been from advertisements, and the Poptropica Store. Just to remind people that all the walkthroughs for Poptropica should be done very soon and don’t forget to check our YouTube channel that will have sneak peeks of islands and don’t forget if you ever need help on mythology island which comes out this Thursday then please check out the channel we want to help you and to make this blog a better place for you and other visitors.

avatar  image Shark Boy this post seems too interesting about mystery cards I want to know more about Skullduggery Island :).

ARGG, matey!

Happy Storm here, happier than ever! Looks like there is a new post on the PCB post.. about time creators…-.- Anyways, here is the picture included in Shark Boy’s post.

Description: A new adventure is coming soon to Poptropica, Skullduggery Island! Click on the image below to get your Skullduggery Wallpaper.

Title of Image: skullduggeryWallpaper.jpg

Lookie here! The creators are a lot more progressive this year than the last! That pirate looks awesome but he has yellow teeth which is ALSO cool (not that I want it :D). So in your comments, please tell us that chocolate is brown what you think the plot is and your cold hard opinion on this new SkullDuggery Island! Also, how creative do you think this island name was? Tell us nao in a comment. 😀 ‘til we meet again, matey, I’ll be sailin’ those sheven sheas. PIRATES AWAY and don’t forget to check back often in case we make any certain “updates”! 😉 Now I ought to skiddy over to me ship to sail them seven sea.…

This post/update was brought to you by Happy Storm.

Ok Abram Newsguy here right outside the Poptropica Amphitheater and we are waiting for the results to see who has one the Super Villian contest. Boy is it loud out here as the crowd is going wild! First of all we shall mention the contestants-


Muddy Dragon


Happy Fang, and

Noisy Fish

Ok, the results are coming in, we will now take you inside the building.

:A large stage is shown with the 5 contestants on 1 side and the 5 judges on the other. Abram walks to the podium.:

Ok we have our results! First of all I would like to wish congratulations to all the contestants. First of all we shall mention the honorable mentions. So please give a round of applause to the following contestants Daedalus and Unuquadium! Nice work guys!

Now the 3rd place winner is……….Noisy Fish!!!!

Congratz Noisy Fish! Please step up here to our 3rd place/ bronze medal podium. Nice work!

Now it’s down to the final two people Happy Fang and Muddy Dragon! 1 vote separated these two and made one the winner. With 4 votes, coming in 2nd place and winning the silver medal is drumroll please! Come on guys you can do better than that! Ok that was better. Now Happy Fang and Muddy Dragon can you please walk over here to the silver podium, while I take the gold for I win!! BWAAHAHHAA! Now seriously, Muddy Dragon can you please stay on the silver podium and allow for Happy Fang to step onto the gold. Congrats Happy Fang you win!

Now lets not forget Muddy Dragon who came in 2nd place with 4 votes. Congratz Muddy!

And now a big round of applause to Happy Fang who gets 1st place with a total of 5 votes! It was close! Happy you will be recieving your prize soon through e-mail. Well that’s all, bye! Congratz to everyone who entered the contest, you all were great!

Hey everyone! Welcome to The PIB Dinner. You may know us from where we showed you our greek cusine. Well we’re back. Today’s specials include Energy Hogs with a free side of Pirates. It can be fried or grilled. Now for our song:

Gimee that filet o hog
Gimee that hog!
Gimee that filet o hog
Gimee that hog! OH!

Still think it isn’t worth eating? We had Hades, king of dead cusine, and Hazmat Hermit, the ultimate pollution-avoiding-non-energy-hog write a review on our food. Heres Hazmat Hermit on our Filet o Hog:

Earth Day

Until we put an end to pollution, there’s no way I’m going to leave my hazmat suit. Check the Poptropica store for a new FREE Earth Day quest. Not only will you be helping to save the earth, but just for helping out, we’ll give you some free Poptropica credits!

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Awesome, right? Its so bad…we’re willing to give CREDITS to anyone who can eat it! Now heres Hades on our Pirates:

Shiver me timbers!

Ahoy! We’ve been sailin’ the high seas for more Poptropica adventures! Arr…what be this new port?

avatar image

The king of dead food has spoken! Pomegranates are better than our Timbers 😀
Well, thats all for now. The filet o song is a trademark of the filet o fish. Signing off,



If you are still wondering the end to the contest mystery, I will put the exciting conclusion in the next issue of PopNews! And on that topic, we want YOU to enter in stories and all that stuff so that it will be in PopNews! and also we want to know what YOU want to tell us what you want to see and we will work on it. So e-mail us your stories and comment on your ideas!

Yup! We did it. We made 15,000 hits! Its been a long ride to here, and I’d like to thank all my staff members, such as Metsfan21, Happy Storm, Hyper Star, and DJDOG. Also there are some staff members that had to leave that I would like to thank. Speedy Fly, Popular Thunder, Maroonfire23,  Icy Ice, and Dynaboa will all be missed at The PIB. They’re legacys will live on in PIB History.  Now the PIB has a mission for you: You must create the most evil-looking poptropican in all of Poptropica. Names will not be accounted for.  Any hacks (except for dummy hacks) are allowed. Remember people, we wannna be wow-ed by your costumes. The judges are the staff members.

And now a word from our sponsor:

Pirate Doggy

ARGHHH!!! In spirit of Pirate Island, I am now a pirate, matey. An evil one. But even the greatest pirates follow the rules (well except Blackbeard). So follow the contest rules, or ye be walking the plank!

And now we have…A Sneak Peek of the prize! The name is Hero of Poptropica, and he has 1225 credits.

Well evildoer’s good luck in making the evilest Poptropican ever!

Star: If the comment number reaches 50, I MAY give the 50th commenter a Poptropican that will save the day with all of these villains running around… No duplicate comments, comments must be separated by someone else’s before you may post it,  I hate spam, and… Have fun… 😀

Oh hai dere. Mets here. There are hogs of enregy roaming Poptropica  is a new PCB post.

Don’t be an Energy Hog!

Next week we will celebrate Earth Day. Be watching the store soon for a new FREE experience that will help you save the planet.

So what exactly is an ENERGY HOG? Don’t worry. You’ll find out soon. 🙂

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I must say, it looks pretty cool. This appears to be either a mini-adventure, or your very own Poptropica House! I’ll set up a seperate page that gets you into it for free if its a mini adventure. I know some cool hacks. In other news, a secret Poptropica Site will be open to the public for a little bit starting October 3rd.  Also, Abram and I will be working on our 15,000 Hits Contest. A Sneak Peek will be posted soon. In other news, there is a way to get into Mythology Island without buying membership. I’d post it, but the creators would disable the hack. So if you ever catch Mets in a good mood, you can always just ask him. The only way to do so is to find him at the PIB Chat- Anywhere but there will not apply. The PIB Chat is over on the About Page. A note to those who won our last contest: We will be giving the accounts out over the weekend. Account #2 has been edited to be a pirate.

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