UPDATE: We’ve released The Poptropica Book! You can find sneak peeks of some cool stuff coming to the PIB, including Poptropica Pet and maybe even Abram’s contest, which will be coming very soon 😉 The link to the Poptropica Book is http://poptropicabook.wordpress.com/ Everyone can post! Hope you enjoy this 😀 !

Hi Guys! While the others are working on some cool things to expect in the future, I’m working on a project called Poptropica Pet.  Beta Testers have already been determined,and some are already registered.  If anyone finds the link, their account will be disabled, banned and will not be able to register again.  As most of you know,RTV has already been released!

Reality TV Now Available to EVERYONE!

The wait is now over! Reality TV Island is now available to everyone! Join the other contestants in the various challenges to determine who will win all of the fame and glory! Now with an all new game! Grab your hang gliders and get ready for some soaring fun!

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So now that that is covered, Mythology Island is set for April 1st,Membership Only.  They even have it on the Map already.  And on a personal note- My Spring Break is upon me,so expect a ton of new features to be popping up!

Also,Dr.Hare beat RTV 5 Times. I’m a five time loser 😀

UPDATE: I thought you guys would like to have a little “sneak peek” of Poptropica Pet,so I leave you with this:


Please note that some of these pets are limited edition, rewards, or for beta testers.