As you all know, staying in shape and excercing is important. Being overweight isn’t fun, and it doean’t look very appealing. You should get off the computer and go outside soon, now that you think about it. But make sure to stay on the computer long enough to read the newest PCB post! Credit to Detective SneakyC and the PHB! Me and  my L A Z Y butt would never have discovered this. 😛

Monday, March 15, 2010


Man! I need to get myself to a gym!

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Hmm.. Hades looks MAAAD… It doesn’t look like he exercises… Or is very strong…  He looks as mad as a Minotaur. 😛
Hades: “Don’t make me angrier!”
O_O No sir… I mean, yes sir… I mean… Uh… OH HEY! Maybe Happy Storm could help me decide. Let’s welcome yet ANOTHER HS onto the PIB. 😛 Oh look, my lazy butt DID discover something! 😀
Oh well… That’s it for today! Stay fit, eat right… Oh! And BTWFYI, bye!!! 😀