I’d like to announce we’re releasing a new forum. Our past one had a glitch,but I updated and revised the forums. The new link is http://poptropicaninfoforum.forummotion.com/index.htm . This is the best way to contact us,so I’d recommend that you join today!

Hi Guys,Mets here..and there is a New Dia- *Screen Fuzzes* We intterupt this program to bring you a report from our main newsreporter,Monkey.

Thanks Fuzzing Screen. We will mourn the loss of Friendly Sinker,who got run over by a car a few moments ago…..and it looks like we have a policeman on the scene. Whats the story Policeman? Policeman : Well..umm..Friendly Sinker is right there *points* The car you’re standing on didn’t run him over..he didn’t get run over. This is a car from The New Hot Wheels Battle Force Five Ad on Poptropica. Its only available for kids 10 and under. In fact,this car doesn’t belong to anyone… Monkey : Wait,so that means I can take this car? YEEE-HAWWWW!! Well I gotta go for a joy ride…umm..sorry I interupted your post Mets. Bye.


Did I get cut off by my Monkey? Oh well..anyways,theres also another ad on Poptropica. Its for Diary of a Wimpy Kid…and I must say,its a very cheesy ad. LITERALLY!!!! The adventure is getting the…CHEESE TOUCH!!!! SHA-BAM!! LOL!!!  I’d give you guys pics,but I have a glitch on my account,so the item is removed. Sorry Guys…but here is the link to it: http://static.poptropica.com/items/item2064.swf I’d also like to show you guys a blog that stopped podting for a while..but they’re coming back Now! The link is http://seriousfox.wordpress.com/