UPDATE!!! PopNews! is now out! Scroll down to see the link and check it out!!!

A lot to tell you about here. The Creators have made 2 new posts. Here’s the first one which is an island update

Help me

I don’t know who allowed access to this cave but this area is obviously unstable and they didn’t even offer me a hardhat. Besides, what is that weird, green thing in the water

avatar imageMaster Mime

In this post our friend from Counterfeit Island rejoins us to tell us about what seems to be a sneak peak of Mythology Island. So from this sneak peak you can tell that you have to do a mission and to complete or do something to find something you have to go through this and the object is to pass without you boat getting hit by a falling rock and sinking. But I agree with Mr. Mime man, What is that green thing?

The second post is about New store items.

A little magic in store…

We’ve just released a new “Magician” outfit in the store! This outfit has a few fun surprises…and facial hair 🙂

avatar image Shark Boy

So there are some new items to the store for both genders. We have the male magician and female magician. As usual, these costumes cost 75 credits. The special action that happens when you hit the spacebar for the male magician is that bubbles come out of his hat and then a bouquet of flowers. And also eh has facial hair! Yay! Cause that’s every little boy’s dream is to grow facial hair.

And finally PopNews! is already out. The link is https://poptropicaninfoblog.wordpress.com/popnews-2/popnewsissue-1/ Sorry it we didn’t announce its release,you can blame Mets for that (Yes,Mets is editing right now :p )

Well that’s it, see ya!

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