Hi Guys,as you know,we’ve recently had a contest for our 10,000 Hits. Well,the results are finally in!It was very hard deciding. We were a bit deadlocked for a while. But we used a point scoring system. Points were hard to come by. We voted on who we thought was best,second best and third best individually.  The person voted best would get 5 points,second best got 3 points and 3rd place got 1 point.  Anyways,here are our winners:

In third place with ,5 points, we have..Cooky Monzta!! Congratz Cooky Monzta! In second place, with 8 points, we have Cheerful Ring! Cool Costume 😉 And..the moment you’ve all waited for…the winner…with a close-to-second-place 9 points..we have…a commercial Break!! *Commercial Break Starts* Are you tired of gross food? Wanna eat like a king-no,god? Then Visit Mythology Island on Poptropica! Coming Soon…. *Commercial ends*

And we’re back! Sorry for that cruel break there,I just had to do it 😀 . Anyways,the first place winner..with a total 9 points..we have…Happy Storm! Congratz to all the winners. You get to choose which account you want in an e-mail that will be sent shortly. Please Note: Second Place and Third place will have to wait to recieve their e-mailz due to the places ahead of them. I’d also like to announce that if we had a fourth place,it would’ve been Silly Octopus with 4 points. You came close Dude. All costumes were great!