Yup thats right 😀 Riot Against Poptropi…err..did I just type that out loud? Anyways,Mets posting here. First off..the creators are like lawyers. Lemme show you what I mean:

Reality TV Island Comes out February 24th

if you have membership…. 😦

Did you see the fine print above? NO! Exactly! Reality TV Island comes out a whole month later for all players. C’mon Creators,we’ve waited 2 years for this!!! Anyways,the PIB now sells Fish Nuggets! YEAH (this is an anecdote)!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Mythology Gourmet! Try our delicious Fish Nuggets,or our brand new House Salad. Why not have some Pomegranete Punch in our "Special Chalace" that you'll just love! (Literally,it was made by Athena,goddess of love). (More anecdotes)

Man,if school lunches were like that,I wouldn’t mind going to school. Yes,thats right..SCHOOL! In other news..

  • Comic Kid may not be active due to the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie.
  • The contest ends soon,so be sure to enter!
  • Abram will be inactive for a little while. He’s busy,kinda like me in December. But don’t worry. He’ll be back soon 😉
  • The next PopNews! Will have a delayed release.
  • We’ve had no reply from Tyson yet.
  • We’ve contacted the creators and are discussing this matter about RTV’s release.
  • We have lots of new in this post!

Thats all for Now!


PS: We’re getting close to 11,000 hits. Keep on hittin us (just no violence though xD).